Tim Hawkins on Bible Translation

Tim Hawkins gives us his take on The Messageβ€”a popular paraphrase version of the Bible:

Boy, I love that Message Bible. That is a laid back Bible. You ever read that? I thought the Living Bible was laid back. The Message is like…the recipe for Rice Crispy Treats.


  • Adam

    What’s the point in posting this on the blog? I know you prefer the ESV but some of the things showing up on your blog in regards to Bible translation are really making me scratch my head. It’s starting to remind me of some from the KJV only crowd.

  • Denny Burk

    I just thought it was funny. I don’t prefer the ESV. I like the NASB best. If there is a good Tim Hawkins gag involving the NASB, I’ll be happy to post that as well. I really did mean this one light-heartedly.

  • Tim Hawkins (not that one)

    I don’t follow anything that Tim Hawkins (the comedian) does. It’s not really his fault, though. We share the same name and I am forced to answer the question, “Are you THE Tim Hawkins?” Once in Dr. Brand’s class (I missed the first class in order to preach at a funeral) he stopped while taking role to inform me that the rest of the students were wondering if THE Tim Hawkins was enrolled in the class. I guess I’m the lesser Tim Hawkins. I got an A in the class, though (I bet THE Tim Hawkins couldn’t do that). #bitterness

  • Jeff Brown

    Too Funny!!! The Message is a joke in itself and it is not Holy Scripture. For the record I love the ESV and our Southern Baptist Church has adopted it as the standard we use for teaching and preaching but I don’t have an “ESV only” mindset. I think we can sometimes use the NASB as a backup in certain cases. πŸ™‚ #ESVNASBONLY

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