Transgender Children and Directionless Parenting

A lesbian couple in San Francisco, California has recently decided to give hormone blockers to their adopted son. Why? Because he decided at the age of three years old that he feels like a girl even though he has the biology of a little boy. Because his gender is sort of up in the air right now, the couple felt that the hormone blockers would give him more time to decide what he wants to be when he grows up—a girl or a boy.

This case is sad on a number of levels. This puts flesh and bones on modern, radical gender theory. A bedrock assumption of that theory is that gender is not something determined by biology, but by a variety of psychological and sociological factors. Gender is something you learn, not something you are.

Most people grow up with a kind of certainty about their gender, and it is in most cases determined by biology. But for many people, the old assumptions no longer hold. It is clear that these two women want to follow wherever this little boy’s whims lead him. This is horrible parenting. This little boy is in crisis, and he needs direction, not indulgence. Moreover, he does not need the adults around him to give him hormone blockers to mute the masculine characteristics that he is about to grow into. I think this is a cruel form of medical experimentation on a child.

Could you have imagined even ten years ago that we would be having conversations like this one? This is gender confusion run amuck. If you had any doubts that ideas have consequences, this ought to put that misconception to bed for good.


  • Nick

    I just can’t understand this mentality. The child incorrectly believes and/or feels like a girl even though he is a boy. Instead of correcting the child and bringing him to the truth, the parents indulge him.

    If my child feels that he is “really” a dog, would it be appropriate for me to give him a bone and have him sleep in a doggy-bed outside? Or correct him and teach him what he really is, a human boy and get him help if he persists in his belief? The answer should be obvious.

  • Tressa

    Sadly, this almost seems inevitable. When parents are confused about their bodies and give into their own fleshly indulgences, they can’t teach boundaries to their children. Children watch what you do more than they listen to what you say. This is a really tragic story and I don’t think those woman realize how much they are damaging that baby. Three! At three our daughter was perfecting her bicycling, not worrying about having the wrong genitals. Sad on so many levels.

  • Barry Woodward

    “For the wise men of old the cardinal problem had been how to conform the soul to reality, and the solution had been knowledge, self-discipline, and virtue. For magic and applied science alike the problem is how to subdue reality to the wishes of men: the solution is a technique; and both, in the practice of this technique, are ready to do things hitherto regarded as disgusting and impious” –CS Lewis, The Abolition of Man

  • donsands

    Man! This sure makes the holy Bible shine true, and speak bold and loud, doesn’t it.

    Romans 1:21-25 For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things.

    Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the TRUTH about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.
    And amen. Lord have mercy on us, and bring our nation to repentance and faith in the Cross of Your blessed Son, Jesus Christ, who is the King of kings; and of presidents; and of congress; and of all rulers. Amen.

  • Don Johnson

    Intersex people do exist and this story does not explain whether this is involved in these 2 cases. Also, there are human chimeras, one body from 2 different fertilized cells. These types of things on the boundaries of what it means to be human challenge us in many ways.

  • donsands

    Your not to young to know your gender, because gender comes from within. This boy looks like a boy, and is a boy as far as the body goes, but they tell him he looks like a girl, and so if he thinks he is a girl, then he is a girl?

    This is absurd. God makes them male and female. And surely there are occasions of intersex, but this isn’t the case here Don Johnson, is it?

  • Derek

    “but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” – Jesus

  • Don Johnson

    From the CNN story, I simply do not know what is going on. The endocrinologist did not get to say much. News stories get truncated and give what they see as the highlights and often put a spin on things.

  • Jenn Burleton

    I work for an organization that provides support, advocacy and education for families and children/youth like Tammy. Among these services are referrals for medical care, including (but not limited to) puberty blocking treatment where and when appropriate.

    83% of transgender kids who DO NOT receive support and affirmation consider committing suicide, and 32% attempt suicide… primarily due to it being too painful to live in a world (that may include their parents) filled with the kind intolerance and ignorance about the natural diversity of gender identity expressed by some here.

    The majority of transgender children/youth are raised by heterosexual parents, many with several siblings who are NOT transgender. They are raised in families of EVERY type of background, including families of evangelical Christians. Please open your hearts and minds to the fact that there just may be things you do not yet have enough information to fully understand… because these continued condemnations and aggressive intolerance is literally killing these kids.

    • Taylor


      In fairness, denying an inappropriate mental proclivity in my child is one of the essentials of parenting. I would suggest that what’s killing these kids is not condemnation of their desires or intolerance of their behavior, but a culture that initially sets up sexual deviation as normative.

      Now a child grows up hearing verbal affirmation of their desires; then they encounter a conflicting perception from family and a culture at large that still disapproves underneath a surface tolerance.

      All of a sudden the child is being punished for a behavior he or she thinks is normal and the crisis begins.

      Arguably, tolerance is killing kids by forcing them to be themselves in a society that isn’t ready for who they really are, while in the past they could have lived comfortably with their own repressed desires just like the rest of us.

      And that’s just the secular argument. I believe the solution is simpler. My child stands condemned every bit as much as I do. When we hide our identities in Jesus, the is no longer any condemnation.

  • donsands

    I think gospelgirl is just thinking what our Lord would be pleased with. Surely our Lord doesn’t take kindly to homosexual behavior as normal. He condemns it in fact. And yet, if this is a law within the nation, then the Church simply needs to accept it, and we can surely speak the truth in love, and pray for this couple to see their sin, and feel guilty and so cry out for mercy, and seek the forgiveness of Christ our Lord.

    I’m guessing this would be gospelgirl’s heart as well.

    • yankeegospelgirl

      I would certainly hope that they would see their sin and find forgiveness, but I have every doubt that this will actually happen. Meanwhile, children need to be protected from people like them. When two men or two women adopt a child, that child is being raised in a perverted home. He has nothing like a normal family. And as we see here, horrible things can happen to them. Yes, these women may be allowed by law to do this, but that doesn’t mean the Church should not cry out against the law as an evil. It’s legal to have an abortion in America, but should we “accept” that law too?

      • Taylor

        If you accept any unbelieving couple adopting, you are accepting that children may be adopted into a famliy and raised in a perverted home*, sin being a perversion of intended reality. Gossip, anger, lust, and lies are just as certain roads to hell.

        Abortion doesn’t figure in. I don’t accept murder. I do accept that children will be raised in sinful homes by sinful parents. So while I don’t endorse LBGT adoption, I don’t intend to condemn it disproportionately to other secular forms of adoption.

        * a child raised by believers is also living in a fallen home; we sin too. the difference is the blood on the doorpost and the Spirit sanctifying.

          • donsands

            “I don’t intend to condemn it disproportionately to other secular forms of adoption.”-Taylor

            I agree with my sister. I condemn two mommies. In fact, they might call one of them a daddy. Words and truth make no difference in our day to a growing extent that is really disheartening and insane.

          • Taylor

            There’s also something uniquely awful about a father that abuses children physicaly, a mother that demeans verbally, parents who worship at the idol of Sunday football instead of in church, parents that teach their children about a woman’s right to choose or how to practice safe sex outside of marriage. A home that models cheating on taxes, instant gratification, or a total lack of parental authority are all destructive in unique, but no less dangerous ways. There really isn’t much difference between quietly preparing kids for hell and doing it spectacularly.

            Read the New Testament and you’ll fnd homosexuality has dropped from the level of shellfish (abomination) and is equated to the other dangers I mentioned above (1 Corinthians 6).

  • donsands

    The Church does need to speak the truth in grace and love for sure my sister. Amen. But people can do what they want, can’t they. Liberty is better than Communism, where in China they force abortions. And you better not speak out agianst abortion there. And yrt, the Church is growing like leaven. The kingdom of God is expanding. Have a great day!

    • yankeegospelgirl

      I’m not saying that Christians should engage in kidnapping operations where they go in and steal children from gay/lesbian adopted homes. They may be in a terrible situation, but if they’re under law, there’s nothing we can do directly like that. But I don’t see why we can’t and shouldn’t hope and campaign for new legislation that makes such things illegal.

  • donsands

    But I don’t see why we can’t and shouldn’t hope and campaign for new legislation that makes such things illegal.

    Absolutely. If each State can come together and elect the right people, and with support from the Church, especially pastors and bishops, the people can put laws forth that would be good for all the people. But, we have to be careful, because we can’t trust people, can we. They used to have slavery as a legal legislation.

    The truth that America is the best of nations for people to live in can not be denied. may this nation be revived to see the Gospel as the truth of all truths. Amen. And may the Church continue to take the Gospel to all nations, so many will come to Christ, and the kingdom of God will expand, and our savior shall be glorified. All glory to his name, and to the Cross! Gal. 6:14

    Have a great Lord’s Day!

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