The mother of an aborted child speaks-out

A mother writes for The Washington Post what she went through after deciding to abort her unborn child, whom she aborted because doctors identified a birth defect. She writes:

I was well aware beforehand of the statistics about pregnancy loss —about one in five won’t make it full-term (though some studies place the number much higher)— and that my age, 37, upped my risk. But what really knocked me off my feet was the depth of my grief, the most profound of my life, and discovering just how misguided our society is in reacting to such a loss.

For the next few months, I felt like I was drowning in a quicksand of ugly emotions: despair, hopelessness, guilt, anger and uncontrollable, seething jealousy at every pregnant woman on the planet. I often thought how easy it would be to swallow a bottle of pills or jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, just a quick drive across town.

On the surface, this may not appear to be a pro-life article. After all, this mother ended the life of her own baby in utero because of a disability. Without question, that was the wrong thing to do and a capitulation to the culture of death.

Nevertheless, this mother cannot get away from the fact that this little person growing inside her was her baby. It was her child, such that she still considers herself a mother even though she never brought her baby to term. Asinine propaganda (see below) from the likes of Planned Parenthood on Mother’s Day cannot conceal that basic human truth.

What this poor woman shares is unspeakably sad and tragic. Nevertheless, the logic of the culture of death is collapsing on itself, and this woman’s story is clear evidence of that.

Planned Parenthood message released on Mother’s Day:


  • Chris Ryan

    What perplexes me are states like Colorado. They have a perfectly good program funded by private donations that reduced teen pregnancies by 40% and reduced the teen abortion rate by 35%. Then when the private donation ran out, rather than have the state fund the program, they kill it. Its almost as if they don’t care about reducing the abortion rate at all. Makes no sense.

  • Jonathan Bee

    What perplexes me is Christians who buy into feminism yet stand against abortion…
    women can do anything , even fight like men,( at least all the movies show that) so women should also have the right to not have pregnancy affect them

  • Dal Bailey

    Reminds me of when my older sister was joining the army and found out she was pregnant. Who chose to abort and later was rejected halfway through boot camp….God was not pleased with her either.

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