Slightly Modified Infanticide

In 1999, Senator Barbara Boxer said in so many words that fully a delivered baby does not have an intrinsic right to life. A baby only has a right to life when its mother decides to take the baby home. Until that time, the fully delivered baby can still be killed so long as the mother decides she wants it killed.

George Will recently called Boxer’s position “slightly modified infanticide.” Boxer took issue with this characterization and fired-back that she had been taken out of context. Newsweek carried the exchange, and you can read the back and forth between Boxer and Will here.

I just want to say that I too have to take issue with Will’s description of Boxer’s view as “Slightly Modified Infanticide.” I don’t think that is fair at all. There is nothing “modified” about it. It’s infanticide.

For those of you who think I have misrepresented Boxer, you can watch and listen to her remarks for yourself.

(HT: Albert Mohler)


  • Ryan K.

    It is ironic that the same politicians and voices that always play the science card in regards to ESCR are so willing and ideologically driven to turn a blind eye to science when it does not comport with their agenda. As Will mentions in this article, even the most elementary biology textbook tells us a new DNA life is formed at conception.

    I also can’t help but think a re-reading of the Declaration of Independence might be helpful here, remembering that our right to life is intrinsically endowed not by the State, or politicians, but by our Creator.

  • Charlton Connett

    It is interesting that Sen. Boxer stated (in the video) that she does not favor killing any human being. Yet, abortion is killing a human being. Perhaps she meant that she is not convinced that a fetus is a person, but she, and any abortion advocate, has to admit, a fetus is a human. Illustrative how her moral compass won’t let her admit that she is actually totally fine with killing a human. Informatively as well, in all other cases, “killing a human” excepting during war, self defense, by accident, or by a government official in a sanctioned execution, is considered murder. (I am open to correction on this point, if there are situations I am not aware of.)

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