Shout out to My Homie, Adam King!

I have to give some e-props to my homie Adam King (a.k.a. “sofyst”). He is one of my students and is the one who is responsible for my really fly new blog design. I think the new digs look really dope. It is da bomb, so to speak. What can I say? When Adam’s in the hizzle, da blogs stots ta sizzle.

[For the uninitiated, the paragraph above represents my “cool professor” mode of speech. It’s just an attempt to relate to my young students on a more authentic level. So I often speak to them in the hip language of the day that they understand. As you can see, I’m very good at it.]

Seriously, though. Thanks, Adam.


  • ursher


    you sound like an old white man desparately trying to relate to a culture which does not want you to be a part of it, a culture dare I say that only exists in the mind of the 35-55 year old white man that tries to be hip but sadly is at clueless — to understand this culture all you have to do is watch the terrible film “Bringing Down the House” with Steve Martin because his character is the personification of the ultra non-hip middle aged surburbanite white man who believes he knows and understands the youth of urban areas — to quote their slang Denny you just green man

  • RosieBoo

    My question is, is that skateboard picture a real event or did someone photoshop that to make you look REALLY cool!? 🙂 I’m impressed if you really are that extreme of a skateboarder. Of course, we didn’t see your landing…

  • Barry Joslin

    That picture is truly of Denny – I took it a few months ago. He is indeed a radical skater. However, you are right to inquire as to the landing. Send me an email and I will send you the “landing shot.” Fo shizzle, it sizzles. Denny is a hizzle nizzle chillax thug.


  • ursher

    Now with the latest input by barry joslin, I am less amused and I am sorry I have eaten today as now I feel it coming back up on me. reading these mindless ramblings… If I see the terms “fo shizzle” or “nizzle” again I might have to take a trip to the emergency room, this mindless marginalization is something to be ashamed of. Mr. Joslin pray tell, what is a “nizzle” would you care to enlighten me, I think not, as it should be beneath you to use such terms. To you I say Good Day.

  • RosieBoo

    Barry, Denny sent me the unfortunate landing event. I knew either the picture was doctored or the landing was rough. I think we need to have a Battle of the College Professors and see really who is the coolest, Dr. J, or Dr. B…

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