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Ryan Anderson talks some sense on Kim Davis case

Here’s Ryan Anderson talking some common sense on the Kim Davis case. You don’t have to agree with her dissent to see that it was a draconian overreach to send her to jail.


  • Aaron Ginn

    Kim Davis would not even allow her deputies to issue licenses. This could all have been avoided had she simply stepped aside and allowed others in her office to do what her conscience prevented her from doing.

    I suspect Mrs. Davis, and those moneyed interests behind her, really wanted her to go to jail to make a martyr of her. She wants to appear to be a new Rosa Parks, but one who wants to discriminate against a specific group instead of extending rights to it.

    • Christiane Smith

      Hi AARON,
      I look at Kim Davis’ personal history which, when examined over time, doesn’t reveal the best personal decision-making ability, so I tend to think she was and is a rather vulnerable person . . . I don’t see her as a ‘leader’ of a movement so much as a pawn, and if she is to be seen as a ‘victim’, then I suggest we also choose to see her as a victim of those on the right who encouraged her.

      A new Rosa Parks, Kim is not. Rosa Parks was a woman of strength and good character who is now universally accepted in our country as a heroine of the nation.

      I think a lot of people are mis-judging Kim Davis on both sides. I think she is being used, yes.

      I don’t know about ‘money interests’ but some of the political agendas out there are heavily funded by groups that have ultimate self-interests as their final goals politically. It’s complicated. The reality of greed as motivation on the part of these people is unquestioned.

      • Aaron Ginn

        I agree with much of what you say, Christiane. The Liberty Counsel is backing her and I think using her to further their own goals as you say.

        This is my last post here. I’m tired of Denny censoring so many of my posts simply because they do not support his point of view.

        • James Stanton


          Denny could easily have an amen choir of comments here if he wanted to. If he’s not posting a comment of yours then maybe it needed to be edited or toned down a bit. No need to be offended by that.

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