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Russell Moore on MSNBC earlier today

In case you missed it, Russell Moore appeared with Jonathan Capehart this afternoon on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports.” You can watch the entire segment above.


  • Thabiti

    I love that Russ Moore. Rare combination of head and heart. Sane. Insightful. Really glad for the new position the Lord has placed him in.

  • Dwight McKissic

    After hearing this and reading his Washington Post interview yesterday, I am so-so thankful that the Lord has brought Russell Moore into the Kingdom for an hour such as this. His comments have been like a breath of fresh air. Never have I heard such true, prophetic, and powerful words concerning race coming from anyone in SBC life. The appreciation, respect, and heart-felt identification with the SBC will increase among Black Christians and churches, if Russell Moore continues to make accurate, balanced, racially sensitive,engaging, and sensible comments like the one here and at the WP. This is one of the proudest days that I have had as a Southern Baptist. Our church read Dr. Moore’s comments in their entirety as recorded in the WP in our mid-week service tonight. Our love, prayers, and a deep well of good will are with him as he continues to serve the Kingdom of God in his new position.

  • Chris Ryan

    What a positive and refreshing message, and what a striking change from the past leadership. His words represent a much more sophisticated and self-aware understanding than people who’ve held his post in the past, particularly with respect to the death of Trayvon Martin. I look forward to hearing more from him in the future.

  • Michael Sweet

    By “microscopically” does he mean we are looking at the facts of the case? Exactly what is wrong with that?

    • Chris Garner

      Nothing is necessarily wrong with looking at the facts. But I think he suggesting that everything has a larger context. Kind of missing the forest for the tress type of deal.

      • Ryan Szrama

        I’m thinking we should keep in mind the forest and the trees. The larger context is still worth talking about, but the immediate facts are being ignored to perpetuate a “larger context” narrative that may in fact be changing (i.e. race relations are getting better, not worse).

        So when I read about rallies held in the wake of Zimmerman’s acquittal protesting a law that “is being used as a cover for murder” (Stand Your Ground), even though that law had no bearing on this case whatsoever, I have to wonder if people who aren’t being given the facts are instead being led to believe this particular case serves as a data point perpetuating a certain type of prejudice when it does not.

        To gloss over the reality that the facts are being blatantly disregarded seems to miss the trees for the forest.

        • Michael Sweet


          I appreciate your thoughts, and I completely agree with you. However, we need to remember that the SBC is currently experiencing a declining membership. Therefore, if there was ever a time to misrepresent the facts to appeal to the ignorant masses, now is that time.

  • Daryl Little

    This video (thanks Thabiti for the heads up) is the most helpful thing I’ve heard/read about this case and the racial issues it has raised.

    Methinks this white guy is beginning to understand why I see it as I do, and why people across the U.S. have felt the need to protest or have vigils for Mr. Martin.

    Very helpful. Thanks Denny and Dr. Moore.

  • Lucas Knisely

    Dr. Moore is always a helpful voice in times like this.

    And Michael, I don’t think Moore is saying there is anything wrong with looking at the facts of the case. He is pinpointing why there is such a racial divide over the trial. If all you are doing is examining the details of the case while ignoring or being non-sympathetic to racial profiling and race related violence in the history of America, you’ll tend to be more narrow in thought and consideration when discussing/blogging/arguing about it.

  • Jamal Williams

    This post is a classic example of why I follow this blog, and have for years: Getting the chance to learn of little happenings like this, which interest me but that I may well have otherwise missed.

    Thanks, Denny! πŸ™‚

  • Ian Shaw

    Russell Moore was was one of the featured commentators in a marriage study our small group just went through. He seemed very well spoken in the dvd commentary, after seeing this, I can say that he is very smart dude.

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