Russell Moore on David Duke’s announcing for the Senate

Russell Moore just published a series of tweets about former KKK leader David Duke, who just announced his intention to run for Senator from the state of Louisiana.

I grew up in south Louisiana, and I too remember when Duke ran for governor back in 1990. I also remember that there were plenty of people who thought his candidacy was a great idea. I also remember people driving around town with “Duke” stickers on their vehicles. Those stickers were often accompanied by displays of the Confederate battle flag. Everyone knew what those displays meant. And they didn’t just mean, “I think Stonewall Jackson was a fine Christian gentleman.”

I couldn’t agree more with Moore on this one. See below.

I do think that Duke’s reemergence today is directly related to Trump’s rise to the GOP nomination. Trump’s nomination emboldens the likes of Duke. Why? You will remember that when asked about Duke in February, Trump refused to repudiate Duke. In case you’ve forgotten that infamous moment, I’ve included the video below.

Trump’s response in February is in contrast to the Louisiana GOP, who immediately condemned Duke’s bid for the senate.


  • buddyglass

    Just going to throw this out there:

    Those of you who plan to vote for Trump: If it were David Duke instead of Donald Trump as the Republican running against Hillary Clinton this fall, would you vote for Duke as the lesser of two evils?

    Assume he’d be more likely than Clinton to nominate pro-life justices to the Supreme Court.

    • Ike Lentz

      This is such a clarifying question. It’s been shocking to watch otherwise rational people bend reality to equivocate Clinton’s run-of-the-mill political scandals with Trump’s apocalyptic hate-filled demagoguery.

  • Dan Phillips

    Can you explain to me how Russell Moore can say that Duke supporters “never recovered their witness,” but evidently (evidently!) Moore feels that Clinton supporters — who even today don’t oppose Clinton nearly as much as they do people they never did support — can recover their witness?

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