Ross Douthat’s Lament for the GOP…Twitterized


  • Brian Holland

    I was a die hard #NeverTrump, but unfortunately I realize now that there are only two choices, and Hillary is certainly worse, undeniably worse both short and long term. We are in deep trouble no matter who wins, and only a revival can help us change course, but the point is that if Trump is the nominee on our side (as bad as he is) and Hillary is the alternative, then I have to very reluctantly choose Trump. I can’t encourage anyone else to do the same, since it’s a matter of conscience, but at some point I think that we in the #NeverTrump camp have to wave the white flag, and say that we don’t want to be responsible for, or even blamed for a Hillary presidency.

    • Ike Lentz

      It’s amazing to me that anyone could look at these two candidates and come to the conclusion that Hillary is “undeniably worse.” Just shows how polarized and partizan this country has become.

      • Brian Holland

        I don’t like Trump, and don’t believe he’s a true conservative, and certainly not Christian. His trade policy is a disaster, and Christians have reason to not want to support him based on that alone. It’s a battle between two Democrats, and in such a case you have to take the one that is least likely to destroy everything. Trump at least has a Christian, conservative running mate, and the support of Sheriff David Clark, who is a hero in my book. Hillary is having the mothers of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin speak at the DNC! Trump U is awful, and certainly criminal, but not as bad as Benghazi (which the left insists is really a conspiracy theory), and not as bad as Hillary’s email server.

        • Ike Lentz

          I’m not Hillary’s biggest fan, but she at least has the temperament and competence to do the day to day job of president. Trump represents the most vile underbelly of of America- racism, misogyny, xenophobia, etc, as well as a complete refusal to even try to understand basic policy.

          Hillary an imperfect candidate, but in ways that are on par with normal candidates. Look at any candidate, republican or democrat, from the last 60 years and you’ll find conflicts of interests and scandals- Bain capitol, Operation Fast and Furious, Abu Ghraib, etc. But we’ve never had a candidate who openly makes fun of the disabled and war veterans, courts racist supporters, calls opponents wives ugly,makes jokes about his penis in debates, suggests we jail women for abortion, and says he’ll force the military to commit war crimes. There’s absolutely no way to equivocate.

    • Matt Martin

      There’s only two choices? That’s completely false. There’s also a libertarian candidate and a green party candidate. Not to mention numerous write-ins that would fit your conscience more than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

      If we are in “deep trouble no matter who wins”, then why even vote for Donald Trump? I’ll never understand this whole concept of voting for the lesser of two evils. The truth is that you are still voting for evil. And that is something I will not do.

      Take a stand. Vote third party or write someone in who actually fits your conscience.

      • Brian Holland

        Because as much as I admire Ted Cruz’s stand last night, and I am a huge Cruz supporter still, we have to be realistic that there are only two people who can win. Trump is a disaster on the one hand, but he may listen to his VP or any of the other reasonable voices that he has surrounded himself with, and turn out to be a decent president. Hillary is guaranteed to put the final nail in the coffin, and ruin the Supreme Court, and the freedoms that we hold dear in the process. Voting third party is not an option, as much I’d like to do so.

  • Ian Shaw

    Am I the only one who cringes anytime either party uses messianic themes when people get up to speak?

    Scott Baio on Day 1; “America, the greatest country God ever created.” ~shutter~

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