Romney To Drop Out of Race

CNN and Time magazine report that Gov. Mitt Romney will drop out of the race for president as early as today. Here’s the bulletin from CNN:

“Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will suspend his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, GOP sources tell CNN.

“A candidate may “suspend” his or her campaign rather than dropping out, and technically remain a candidate. In this case, he or she is entitled to keep any statewide pledged delegates as well as their district-level delegates.

“Candidates who officially drop out must forfeit statewide delegates.”


  • Leo S.

    What can he do with the delegates he has secured? Seems like a waste not to transfer to Huckabee, if he believes he is truly conservative.

    Unless he wants to use the chips to bargain for something in the convention.

  • David

    I would have to say “Bingo!” The bad blood between him and Huckabee would preclude him endorising him, especially after the events in West Virginia this week.

  • Leo S.

    David, you mentioned bad blood quite right… probably Romney’s supporters might feel the same and wouldn’t vote for Huckabee in the coming primaries. Strange political world.

    But I think Huckabee will continue on.

    P.S. I don’t seem to get the email notification of reply… strange…

  • Matt Svoboda


    Those accusations can be said about every candidate. State something with some substance and I will be happy to respond. I will say that I do not agree with everything that Huckabee says, but I do think he is the best candidate.

    Live the Word

  • Don

    I have stated this before, Weak on the border, raised taxes more then cut.. talks fair tax knowing it will never happen. Never answers questions makes jokes, has lied and blasted talk radio when they looked and questioned his record. Pardoned hard core bad guys as Gov.. Does not sound very conservative to me. Also after he said some rotten things about Sean Hannity he went on and did his stand-up routine when pressed about his statements.. He did not know who said this and that, just like he did with Limbaugh… I don’t want a guy who lacks a Set to stand by what he said on tape. Oh right he did not know who said it…. Again FAKE PHONY FRAUD… All fact

  • GrimeTime

    This is the only issue for me: 50,000,000 babies murdered inside and outside the womb by their mothers and so-called doctors since Roe v Wade. All in the name of choice. What about their choice? If you could ask them and hear their response, they would choose to live.

    Boarder control, the war, the economy; it’s all important, but compared to infanticide I really couldn’t care less. Why does any of it matter if we just kill our babies before any of that stuff effects them? You say that the war is unjust. Why do you care if Americans and Iraqis are dying if you don’t care about over 3,000 babies are murdered every single day?

    And if you did care about that, then you would support the most pro-life canidate out there, which is Huckabee, despite all other issues. And why do people blame republicans for not already overturning Roe v Wade, like it’s our fault? It’s decided at the Supreme Court and Bush has already nominated and seen through two faithful constructionists. I just pray that some more of the liberal justices retire or die soon so we can get another constructionist in there and get Roe v Wade overturned.

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Isaiah 5:20

    But that’s just the first step. If we really want to see abortions stopped and this nation changed, then people need to get saved. And that happens when You repent (turn from your sins) and trust in Christ alone to save you. If you do that you will become born again and God will change your heart from wickedness to righteousness. He did it to me 9 years ago.

    Last thing. If Barack gets elected, wouldn’t that make us an “Obama”nation?

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