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Pictures of the Destruction at Union University

It’s difficult to grasp the scope of the devastation at Union University when all you have are pictures on television and the internet. Dr. Greg Thornbury, however, has posted a link to some photos that give a glimpse of the extent of the damage. There are several aerial shots that show just how much of the campus was destroyed. Here they are.

Slideshow of the Destruction at Union University

It’s amazing that not one person on campus died during the storm. Thank the Lord.

(HT: Justin Taylor)


  • Barry

    The pictures are breathtaking. Having only seen the news, I had not seen the full scope of the destruction. It is truly a miracle that no one was killed.

    Dr. Dockery is to be lauded for his handling of this circumstance. His poise and pastoral leadership are commendable.

    Thanks again for the pictures.


  • j razz

    I read a comment on one site where a young lady who was in the dorms at the time was able to talk with one of her non-believing roomates about Christ. The young lady who was not a believer said something to the effect of, “I think I am ready to hear about Christ”.

    I believe that Dr. Dockery and Tim Ellsworth both have done a great job of communicating God’s providence during this time of destruction.

    I believe that God is already using this situation to point others to Himself. Union has the news media at their doorstep. It would be beneficial to pray that they use this opportunity to speak to the glory of God so others might think on and ponder the providence and grace of God.

    They have done an excellent job of handling this event and I thank God for them because of it.

    j razz

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