Robert Jeffress Called as Pastor of FBC Dallas

In an earlier post, I mentioned that Dr. Robert Jeffress would be preaching in view of a call at the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. I am a member of that church, and this morning we voted overwhelmingly to call Dr. Jeffress as our new pastor. After the vote, Dr. Jeffress came back into the sanctuary with his family and accepted the call.

Dr. Jeffress selected Acts 2:42-47 as the text for his sermon. He basic point was that the Lord blesses churches that faithfully devote themselves to what God has called them to do. Acts 2:42 reads, “And they were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” Dr. Jeffress cast a vision for First Dallas that calls for a commitment to the very same things that the believers were committed to in Acts 2:42ff. The hope is that God would do even now what He did among those early disciples: “And the Lord was adding to their number day by day those who were being saved” (Acts 2:47).

As usual, Sam Hodges covered the big event for the Dallas Morning News. For a brief description of what happened in the service, I direct you to Hodges’ story: “First Baptist elects Jeffress.” One thing that is difficult to capture in a news story, however, is the ethos of a service like the one that we had today at First Dallas. Calling Dr. Jeffress as pastor had the feeling of calling a favored son to come home after a long sojourn. Dr. Jeffress grew up at First Dallas and was a protégé of Dr. W. A. Criswell. He was overcome with emotion at numerous points during the service, as were many in the congregation. Given his background in and love for First Dallas, there was a palpable sense that he is God’s man to lead our church.

After accepting the church’s invitation to be the new pastor, Jeffress shared something with the congregation that he said he had never shared with anyone else—not even his wife. He said that he feels like God has spoken to him twice in his life. The first time was when he was a sophomore in high school when God called him to be a preacher. The second time happened when he was an undergraduate at Baylor University. Dr. Jeffress said that he was walking down the street and God spoke to him: “God said to me, ‘One day you will be pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas.’ … Whatever happens, I know I am in the center of God’s will.”


  • Bryan L

    Man that must be a crazy experience to have to preach in front of a church and then go out and wait for them to either approve you or not. What do you do if they don’t? Slip out the side door? How long do you prepare for that kind of sermon. That guy must not have been sleeping for weeks.

    I wasn’t aware that some churches do it that way. Interesting.

    Bryan L

  • Mason Beecroft

    I am glad to hear that FBC Dallas will begin “breaking bread” every Sunday and celebrating the Sacrament… err, ordinance!

    Seriously, congratulations on calling a pastor. It is an important congregation that ought to have someone who proclaims Christ and Him crucified.

    Thanks for the updates-

  • Mason Beecroft

    “Needling” is not exactly a spiritual gift, although I keep looking for it. I may ask for some help from some more creative exegetes. It would really help my self-confidence!

  • Don F

    While I am not a member at FBD, I am very happy about the choice. I have enjoyed listening to Dr Jeffers on the radio. I look forward to seeing what God will do at and with FBD under Dr Jeffers leadership.

  • Marthann Davis

    My husband and I are members of FBC-Wichita Falls and we will miss Dr. Jeffress. We selected First Baptist because of his great gift of teaching God’s truth, no matter the personal cost. A note to Andrew: nothing spooky about Dr. Jefress hearing a specific word from God. You see, He desires to speak to His children, but He has taught me that we must make ourselves available to listen. Blessings to Dr. Jeffress and to FBC-Dallas. You are getting a wonderful Pastor.

  • dennyrburk

    Thanks for the note, Marthann. I actually feel kind of guilty about taking your pastor! We’ll be praying for FBC Wichita Falls. We know what it’s like to be where you all are.

  • Robert

    God actually spoke to him? Audibly? Or was it just a strong mental impression, or feeling in his heart? I think his next sermon should be about what God’s voice actually sounds like. And then he should rewrite his book, “Hearing the Master’s Voice” because it sure needs this extra bit of information/special revelation. Overall it sounds like FB Dallas is in good hands. He is a good man and has stood strong against cultural forces that try to ruin the church.

  • Faimon

    The speaking doesn’t bother me, but what’s this about the center of God’s will? Is God’s will a circle? Can you be ‘close to the edge of God’s will’? Could you be a ‘little right of the center of God’s will’?

  • Bryan L

    Interesting thoughts Faimon.

    It also makes me wonder, if God determines and purposes everything, how can you ever be in anything but the center of God’s will?


  • Marthann

    Andrew, if I were to try and answer for Dr. Jeffress, it would only be a guess from my own experience of listening to the Lord. Why don’t you ask him? I know he is very busy with the present transition, but I’m sure at some point in the future he would be gracious and answer you.

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