Robbie George on Planned Parenthood’s Hostages

Robbie George has an excellent article in today’s Wall Street Journal titled, “Planned Parenthood’s Hostages.”He shows that Komen is not the only prisoner that Planned Parenthood has taken in its war against the unborn. There are many others. Read the rest here.

One Comment

  • Christiane

    “Money” seems to be the root of all evil, on both sides of any question.

    Hopefully, someday, women’s health will again be a national priority free from political mechanizations . . . that day needs to come quickly.

    The politics have particularly been aimed at poor women. Another problem that needs to be resolved quickly as this casts the Church and the Political Institutions together in a way that is hurting these women, something the Church cannot be seen to do and still stand witness to Our Lord.

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