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Remembering Dick Winters, American Hero

When I think about the definition of leadership, heroism, and bravery, I think about Dick Winters. He was the best of men. I noted earlier this year when he passed away at age 92, but I missed this excellent article about him that came out on Veteran’s Day. I am glad to read it a couple of days late and thought you might want to see it too. Here’s an excerpt:

One of Easy Company’s very best officers was Maj. Dick Winters. He was the kind of guy anyone would wish to call their boss. Late in the war, one of his soldiers, Floyd Talbert, wrote him a letter from an Indiana hospital, thanking him for his loyalty and leadership. “You are loved and will never be forgotten by any soldier that ever served under you,” Talbert wrote. “I would follow you into hell.”

Who was this man who inspired such loyalty and such acts of bravery? And shouldn’t we study men like this to better understand our history? To better lead our families, our houses of worship, our companies — and our nation?

The answer is yes, we should. So read the rest of this one here.

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