David Brooks on Penn State and Evil

On Sunday’s “Meet the Press” David Brooks spoke in a way that you don’t hear very often in mainstream media outlets. He talked about the reality of evil and how few contemporary people have the moral resources to to do the right thing in a difficult situation.

One Comment

  • Ryan K.

    This is great. I love how David Gregory tries to challenge him that people should know this type of action is wrong. All David Brooks has to say at that point is “how should they know this? From where is it grounded? Where is it being taught? And why must they oblige it?

    All we get from the liberal media and culture is relativism and throwing off the shackles of conventional norms. That quasi-relativism is what we should all strive for in our pluralistic society. All of these dogmas about relativism seem to work well, until moral evil happens and we realize we have no way to stand against it.

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