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Remembering Chuck Colson’s call to civil disobedience

When the Obamacare’s abortion mandate was announced early last year, Chuck Colson was leading the way in explaining to Christians what was at stake. Not many Americans were paying attention then. But as the effects of the mandate have come to fruition with businesses like Hobby Lobby, more Americans are beginning to see how much of a threat the mandate really is to religious liberty. I think it’s work revisiting what Colson said about the abortion mandate and civil disobedience just two months before he passed away. The video is below. Here’s an excerpt:

We have come to the point—I say this very soberly—when if there isn’t a dramatic change is circumstances, we as Christians may well be called upon to stand in civil disobedience against the actions of our own government. That would break my heart as a former Marine Captain loving my country, but I love my God more… I’ve made up my mind—sober as that decision would have to be—that I will stand for the Lord regardless of what my state tells me.


  • Daniel Fiester

    According to the Supreme Court, the mandate is a tax. And according to Jesus, we are called to pay our taxes.

    This is not optional. We don’t get to obey Jesus only if Caesar uses our tax dollars wisely. Sometimes Caesar uses the money to promote injustice. But Jesus commands us to “render under Caesar” regardless.

    So, we should pay our taxes. But in the meanwhile, we work to change unjust laws and we pray for God’s kingdom to come.

  • Will Cunningham

    Christ’s shrewd conversation with the Pharisees regarding taxes hinges not on His statement, “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”, but on his following comment, “and unto God what belongs to God.” In short, He wanted the Pharisees to examine how little of their lives and allegiance they rendered to their Maker. In the case of abortion, Christ would most assuredly say that every little child we’ve aborted since Roe v. Wade belonged to God. It is high time we protect them, and “render them to God” as an offering of obedience. If ever there was a time to civilly disobey, it is now. Our forefathers were willing to do this over a boat-load of tea. Are we not brave enough to do the same over 50 million defenseless children? Shame on us if not. If enough Christians were willing to withhold taxes, the government would feel it. Is this not the same economic sanction approach we take to countries like Iran?

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