Please Pat, We Don’t Need Anymore Help (part 3)

Apparently, Pat Robertson has done it again . . . or at least he’s about to do it again. According to Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post blog, Robertson is set to endorse Rudy Giuliani this morning for President of the United States.

If this report is true, then I have a question for Robertson. Why are you abandoning the pro-life cause before the primaries are even over? Perhaps one could argue that it would be preferable to vote for Giuliani if he is the nominee in the general election (though I would not make this argument). But why would anyone who cares about life support a pro-choice candidate now when there are other capable pro-life candidates still in the race?! This is beyond frustrating.

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  • Ray Van Neste

    Good post again Denny.
    While it is true that politics is the ‘art of the possible’ too many have forgotten the other pillar- the value of the noble defeat. Or to put it another way, it is better to lose nobly (on principle) than to win ignobly (that is through compromise of key conviction).

  • Andrew Walker

    Right on in your analysis. It shows a certain level of inept pragmatism on behalf of Mr. Robertson. Doesn’t this support run counter to everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) that Robertson has ever stood for?

  • Carlito

    Schneikes.. This is surprising to say the least!?!? I wonder if this could put the final nail in the coffin for the other republican candidates like Huckabee and RonPaul? I sure hope not, but with Robertson’s large following, (if he does indeed endorse Rudy) it’s going to be an enormously uphill battle.

  • Ray Van Neste

    If there enough people who take Robertson seriously enough for his endorsement to swing the election then we will deserve what we get.
    Of course he previously supported Charles Taylor the President of Liberia who was eventaully charged with war crimes and drugs. Why not listen to the endorsement of a man who on television suggested on TV that teh State Department be nuked (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=35036)!
    Will he advise Guiliani to assasinate heads of state in other countries? Or will he later apologize for his endorsement and change his mind?

  • Jim Peet

    Re: “Doesn’t this support run counter to everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) that Robertson has ever stood for?”

    Maybe God told him to do it? He has had so many other weird “God told me to” moments … this may just be another one!

  • bj

    Dear Lord,
    I need your advice about something. I’m confused about who I should vote for in the upcoming presidential election. Would it upset you very much if the person I chose to be the leader of our nation believed that people should have the right to kill the unborn? Would it offend you if the person I chose believed that homosexuals should be allowed to enter into your sacred covenant of marriage? Would you be angry if I chose a person who thought that you and the enemy of our souls were spiritual brothers? Would it be okay to chose someone who didn’t know you at all? Are you really the same yesterday, today, and forever? Will you hold me accountable for my choice? Are you still there?

  • j razz

    Hopefully this won’t show up as a dupe as the last time it did not post but said it was a duplicate.

    Here is a video of some comments Robertson made concerning Giuliani and his stance on abortion.

    You can view it here.

    It is a difficult thing to try and fathom what Robertson is thinking. I wish he would release a statement concerning his endorsement so we could better understand his slant on this. I don’t know that it would make much difference, but I am curious to hear him in his own words on this topic in greater detail than the video I linked to.

    j razz

  • Travis Hilton

    Dittos to Denny and Ray. I think the mainstream media will enjoy announcing this for the next 24 hours. Guiliani as the potential presidential nominee for the Rebublican party will pretty much neutralize social conservative influence in the election(no matter who the VP candidate is).

    I hope that people will come to their senses and get behind someone who articulates conservative ideas like Huckabee.



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