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Planned Parenthood Indicts Itself with Euphemized Press Release

I just read the Associated Press’s headline “Planned Parenthood says video part of decadelong harassment.” Then I read the story. Then I read the statement released by Planned Parenthood that the AP is reporting on. I have two clarifications of items that both the AP and Planned Parenthood obscure:

(1) Planned Parenthood is still not defending itself from the most damning aspects of this story—that it routinely kills babies in utero and distributes parts of their bodies for scientists to dissect. In spite of euphemisms like “tissue donation,” Planned Parenthood admits that it is trafficking the body parts of aborted babies. In light of that fact, the AP might need a new headline. Maybe something like this: “Planned Parenthood does not dispute that it traffics the body-parts of aborted babies.” As it stands, they’ve buried the lede.

(2) Planned Parenthood is bracing itself for the release of more video footage, some of which may include video of the whole bloody business. This particular detail is barely mentioned in the AP story, but Planned Parenthood is specific in its release:

“Planned Parenthood said it expects to see… Illegal, secret recording in a highly sensitive area of a health center where tissue is processed after abortion procedures, a serious invasion of women’s privacy and dignity.”

Once you de-euphemize that statement, it translates to this. Planned Parenthood thinks that the video sting operation may have actual footage of the aborted babies as they are being prepared for distribution to researchers.

Think about what this means. Planned Parenthood has an area where they “process” tissue—which means that Planned Parenthood has little rooms where they cut up baby bodies and put the different pieces in sterile containers for storage and transport.

I can see why they wouldn’t want video of that to be released and why they are trying to blunt its impact in advance with their euphemized statement. Even if such video never emerges, Planned Parenthood itself has now confirmed that such areas exist in their clinics.

Bottom line? Planned Parenthood is not defending itself from the most damning aspects of this story—that its daily services include killing babies in utero and distributing parts of their bodies for research. Also, there may be video footage of the whole bloody business.

Planned Parenthood is missing the point. And unfortunately, the Associated Press is missing the point as well. God help us if we miss the point.


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