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Planned Parenthood doctor admits to felony

In the most recent Planned Parenthood video, a Planned Parenthood doctor admits to committing a federal felony in her abortion practice. She describes performing partial birth abortions in an effort to prevent damage to the baby body parts that they intend to sell. Watch above. As you watch, keep in mind the federal laws in question:


  • julie

    this is what I don’t get, Denny. Everybody says “defund PP.” Defund them? Don’t you mean arrest them? Don’t you mean put them on trial for crimes against humanity? I am sickened by the videos. But just as sickened at our society’s utter inability to call evil, evil and then deal with it by calling these felons to account for their crimes – crimes that have been caught ON FILM. Instead there are endless discussions and posturing and lies. absolutely sickening.

  • Ian Shaw

    You know what PP’s response is going to be. “1 rogue doctor within out organization does not represent all of our physicians or staff”. That’s the standard statement to deny. But it wouldn’t be unreasonable to predict that this is not the only doctor for PP that does this.

    I think I’m more shocked that the prison term for this is at most 2 years.

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