Pastor Explains How Girl Played Dead to Survive


Only one child made it out alive of a first-grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School last week — by fooling the gunman into thinking she was dead, the family’s pastor says.

The little girl, who is 6½ years old but hasn’t otherwise been identified, “ran out of the school building covered in blood from head to toe, and the first words she said to her mom when she got outside was, ‘Mommy, I’m OK, but all of my friends are dead,'” the Rev. Jim Solomon, pastor of New Hope Community Church in Newtown, Conn., told ABC News in a report that aired Sunday.

“Of those who were left in the classroom of first graders, she was the lone survivor,” Solomon said.

ABC’s interview with Solomon is below:

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  1. Don Johnson December 17, 2012 at 5:36 pm #

    Praise God!

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