Obama’s Record on ‘Born-Alive Infants’

The video is self-explanatory and hardly needs any comment from me. But I would nevertheless add some caveats.

1. There is a dramatization of a baby being left to die. It’s not real, nor is it a gruesome depiction. But it is disturbing nonetheless.

2. There are some other personalities featured in this video, and I do not want readers to think that my posting this video means I endorse them. I’m thinking in particular of Alan Keyes.

3. I don’t know anything about the group that produced this video. The only reason I’m posting it is so that you can see and hear the testimony of Jill Stanek, who testified before congress with the stories you are about to hear. Her message is not for the faint of heart, but that is all the more reason that you should hear it.

(HT: Barry Joslin)


  • Denny Burk

    For the most part, I like Alan Keyes’ views on a lot of the issues. I think, however, that his attitude at times is a tad imperious. He also seems to get angry very easily.

  • Paul

    Also, disowning your daughter for being a lesbian is a bit much. Telling her you disagree with her choices is one thing. Cutting off family is pretty much despicable.

  • Paul

    It’s a moving video. Nothing drives a point home like personal experience. And while I am pretty sure that most of the people voting solely on the abortion issue on both sides have already made up their minds, I have to agree that tabling an act meant to save babies that are born alive is pretty insidious. So, Denny, here’s the rare post where I don’t argue with you.

    (***this next section only applies to the website that originally posted this video***)

    Of course, the name of the website that it’s on? http://www.noHUSSEIN.org

    That DOES prove one important thing: someone else made the video for them, because these must be some stupid redneck moron mouth breathers. Might as well be members of the KKK. If you can’t beat a guy on the issues, and have to resort to talking about his NAME that he had no choice in choosing, then just stay home and watch NASCAR all day while memorizing the lyrics to Toby Keith songs.

  • volfan007


    And, you think that Keyes goes over the top, or goes too far? Wow, my friend, read what you write.

    Also, the link you gave us….the man stresses at the first that it’s not due to the color of his skin, but due to his views. He even quotes Martin Luther King in a positive way. He says that a lot of conservatives like him would vote for a man of color if he was conservative.

    So, it looks as if you’re the one who is prejudiced…with your caricature of white people in the South as “stupid, redneck, moron, mouth breathers.” You know, the KKK is not that strong in the South anymore, and to make such a broad statement about people who watch NASCAR and like country music…man, you have real issues. Why are you so prejudiced and arrogant? Who died and made you the greatest person on Earth? Dude, get over yourself.

    All that being said, I will certainly not be voting for Obama. I’m certainly a redneck hillbilly that God saved, and I was blessed to get an education. But, I’m no moron, beer drinking, mouth breathing kkk member. I will also say that if McCain gets a VP who believes in abortion, then this may be the first time in my life when I dont vote for a President. I’m 46 yrs old, so I’ve voted a few times.

    Anyway, Paul, thanks for putting down a whole section of the country and broad brushing all rural, white Southerners in such a condescending, arrogant fashion.


  • Darius

    David, Paul is your typical liberal: elitist and looks down on all the lessers, both here and abroad. Thus, as a liberal, he believes he knows better because he is better educated, lives in a more “civil” locale, or hangs out with more educated people.

    Paul, you really have to try to avoid showing such extreme bias against everyone who thinks differently than you. I know anti-Southern sentiment is the bias du jour, but if you heard someone making those kind of statements about some other people group (say, homosexuals), you would be irate. Your righteous indignation needs to apply to your own words too, or it is just self-righteous indignation, which is probably one of the most enjoyable feelings in mankind.

  • D.J. Williams

    Also true. However, I find opposing Obama by throwing out his middle name (even if your true motive is his policies) to be despicable. It only serves to give credence to false rumors and spread ignorance and hate. However, this tactic does pander to the exact same crowd Paul has lampooned and you and I admit exists. There are too many good reasons to oppose his candidacy. When we play around with the stupid reasons, it pulls the rug out from under the credibility of even the good ones.

  • D.J. Williams

    Darius, in all truth, I don’t find that funny at all – because it only serves to destroy the credibility of anything else one has to say. Smug, self-assured cheap shots – like the ones Coulter frequently offers – only serve to stereotype and undermine the efforts of those who have intelligent things to say.

  • D.J. Williams

    Lucas, they look like they’re thinking people. However, their stupid choice in domain name leaves them wide open to criticism. Nobody’s going to take anything a site called nohussein.org says seriously, whether it’s well researched and thought out or not.

  • Christopher Lake

    First things first– I am not a supporter of Obama. I am horrified by his position on abortion (which is shown well in the above video).

    However, I did go to NoHussein.org, and in one of the *other* videos featured on this site, “I Invented the Internet (Episode 1: The Audacity),” Obama’s middle name is, in fact, mentioned repeatedly. It is described as consisting of “three Muslim names.” The fact that Obama once attended a Muslim school is also mentioned. This is despicable political football. Despite the claim of “no smears” on NoHussein.org, this video is full of smears.

    There are many legitimate reasons to oppose Obama. One of them is abundantly clear in the fourth video from NoHussein.org. The tactics, and some of the claims, found elsewhere on the site, though, are simply inexcusable.

    For Paul– I am a white man who was born and raised in the Deep South. I have met people similar to the one you describe. I once put them down as you have here. I sinned by doing so. The people whom you smugly insult (as I used to do myself, sadly) are made in the image of God. Are you a Christian, Paul? Christians are commanded to love and pray for all people, even enemies. Some of “these people” whom you insulted are even Christians themselves. Do they have things to learn in their lives? Yes, as do we all- including you and I.

  • Paul



    This has nothing to do with skin color.

    This has everything to do with playing on biases due to the guy’s name (yeah Volfan, how about YOU read what I write?).

    Want to start a website called “obama’s a baby killer.com”? Sure, go right ahead! It might be brash, but it’s HIS choice to be adamantly and unbendingly pro-choice.

    Want to start a website called “obama’s gonna raise your taxes.com”? Sure, go right ahead! It might be brash, but it’s HIS choice to take an economic outlook that includes raising taxes (whether he’s right or not is another discussion…)

    Want to start a website called “obama’s gonna get out of Iraq too soon.com”? Sure, go right ahead. It might be brash, but you can back it up with tons of statements made over the course of the last two years.

    But, to start a website called NOHUSSEIN.com, and not NOOBAMA.com or NOBARACK.com is baiting prejudice, and you know it. I don’t have to go to a website to know that, either. And even if the website is a glowing example of evenhanded reporting, it’s still baiting prejudice based on it’s name alone.

    So, call me a liberal elitist all you want Darius, but there’s a TON of truth in what I say, and you know it.

    Sorry if that rubs you the wrong way.

    (and thanks for the defense DJ.)

  • Darius

    Paul, I wasn’t referring to your comments about nohussein.org. I was explicitly talking about your repeated putdowns of all Southerners (and not even just Southerners) who vote differently than you do.

  • volfan007

    Redneck Moron here,

    Paul, I did read what you wrote. I didnt think much of it. As a matter of fact, you did play the race part of it when you called this group members of the KKK. Remember writing this in your comment above….”That DOES prove one important thing: someone else made the video for them, because these must be some stupid redneck moron mouth breathers. Might as well be members of the KKK.” Looks to me like you’re the one who’s not reading what he writes.

    Redneck, Moron, Mouth Breathing, Hillbilly signing off,


  • Paul


    I’d never put down ALL southerners. Because then I’d have to put down a significant portion of my extended family.

    However, I will gladly put down the idiots with Dale Earnhardt tatoos, the people that think they’re better than anyone else based on skin color, nationality or religion, or the people who think that modern country music is the epitomy of entertainment (and for the record, I’ve never met a single intelligent person whose favorite artist was Toby Keith).

    There are LOTS of intelligent, conservative southerners who state their cases well, and are amongst the most polite, friendly and affable people you’ll ever meet. And I love ’em. I just don’t talk politics with them.

    David the volfan,

    do you not know anything about the KKK? It’s not just blacks that they hate, it’s also jews, muslims, catholics, gays, mexicans, and basically anyone who is not a white protestant.

    By starting a website called NoHUSSEIN.org, it is very evident that they are playing on the prejudice card of trying to confuse people into thinking that Obama is a muslim. And I tire of it. You want to beat Obama on the issues, go right ahead. If you want to beat him based on his color or his name, you’re a tool. And there’s just nothing else to it.

    Get as offended as you want, the truth still is, they’re playing on prejudices. At which point, yes, they might as well be members of the KKK.


    Mouth breath all you want now.

  • Paul


    I don’t knock Toby Keith for being conservative. I knock him for having no musical talent.

    As a matter of fact, with precious few exceptions, they really should just destroy the masters of all country music made post-1969, Willie Nelson, David Allen Coe and Johnny Cash excluded.

  • Paul

    You gotta include Willie in that bag. Do you have any idea how talented he is, or how musically flexible he is?

    I’d never play in another situation where I have to play country music ever again, but if Willie called me up telling me that he (inexplicably) needed a world percussionist for his group, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

  • Mark Gibson


    It’s interesting that you listed David Allen Coe. Have you heard the lyrics to some of his songs? His clean songs are very good though.

  • Paul


    to tell the truth, nine times out of ten, I tune out words. I’m listening for melody, harmony and rhythm. Words only come into it if it’s a tune I have to sing, or if it’s hymns at church (see: songs I have to sing). And DAC is a pretty decent and pretty melodic songwriter.

    That said, one of the rare times that I ever paid attention to the words of one of his songs was “longhaired redneck” because it’s a favorite song of one of my friends. I don’t think I ever laughed so hard in all of my life.

  • Brian (Another)

    You guys write a lot. I had a thought or two…or more.

    1)Paul never used the word “southern” in his comment. I think we (in the south) get a bit touchy about the kkk allusion.
    2)Referring to “rednecks” (and, sigh, unfortunately NASCAR) does, however, assume a certain “southerness”.
    3)nohussein.com is purposely trying to incite an emotive argument and is drawing on prejudice based on something other than that with which we should base decisions.
    4)Is NOOBAMA like NOOMA?
    5)”you ain’t much fun since I quite drinkin’” is a funny commentary on the human psyche. Or not.
    6)Buy paul’s cd.
    7)I wrote that without even thinking. It’s like it has been suggested to me a lot or something……

  • Paul

    Lucas in #14:

    yes, I did go to nohussein.org.

    These are among the reasons they list why Obama should not be president:

    1) Obama’s mother is a Caucasian Agnostic
    2) Obama’s half-brother is a muslim
    3) When he was a child, he went to a muslim school in Indonesia

    There is some stuff on that website that actually has a little traction, but when things like this are floated out there, it’s clearly to incite fear amongst the electorate.

    Again, want to beat him on the facts? Great. But want to beat him because his mom doesn’t share his faith?


  • Paul


    please act on #6. We’re only 108 CD’s away from breaking even. I’d like to think that at least one person from the DennyBurk.com community would help out a brother in Christ.

  • Brian (Another)

    Did you have to sell 110?

    If I buy it and listen, will have to drop my primary issue voting stance ;-)? Seriously, what is your musical playing style?

    CD’s, NASCAR and Barak Obama. Only at DennyBurk.com.

  • Paul


    ha ha ha…we had to sell 320. So, we’re over 2/3’s of the way there.

    We’re a jazz/jam band. Click on my name, and you can hear a few tracks from our CD.

    And, no, people of all creeds, colors and voting affiliations are welcome to become fans of my band.

  • Brian (Another)

    No people of all creeds? That’s horrible. Oh, wait, there was a comma there.

    Jazz. Hmmm…….not used to that. I might have to branch out and…..change……..

    Congrats on 2/3’s!

  • Steve

    I appreciate the intent and overall message of this video. Obama’s actions and inactions on this legislation were morally abominable and will haunt him politically this fall. Still, I would add three caveats to Denny’s:
    1. I agree with Paul that the use of Hussein is fearmongering, xenophobic and pejorative (and Paul will be interested to know that a Conservative Southerner created the 12 syllable, 3 word combo).
    2. Stanek implies in the video that Obama held up the Federal legislation even when every other Democrat and NARAL supported it. Obama was in the Illinois State Senate at the time. The actions she described happened in the Illinois Senate. As described it is confusing and casts Barack in the worst possible light.
    3. The baby in the video is clearly a full-term baby. Induced abortions are extremely rare for full term babies for both legal and clinical reasons. It’s great for dramatic effect though and I can see how the filmmakers wouldn’t have had much choice but to use a full-term baby.

    Still, I hope that this video gets lots of play.


  • Miriam Carson

    This video just gave me the final decision not to vote for Obama. I am a survival of an abortion. My twin was not so lucky.
    Abortion is killing. I believe in life
    I hope this video opens more people’s eye

  • Darius

    Yeah, that is bizarre. How in the world is he a Democrat??? The guy’s music is hated by 3/4 of the Democratic Party. Are we sure he wasn’t speaking with his tongue planted in his cheek?

  • John

    I remember seeing him on television about a year ago and him saying that he wrote the song “Courtesy of the Red White and Blue” about our going into Afghanistan, and nothing more. I believe he even said something about not supporting the war in Iraq. He said a lot of Republicans were really disappointed to find out that he was a registered democrat because they were inviting him to sing at certain events and stuff. His father was a soldier and that is why he sings so much about the military, but just because he sings so much about the military does not mean he should be a Republican (though i may be inclined to think so as well). Both parties agreed about the Afghanistan thing (and still do).

    Although, I don’t like his music either and agree it sounds much more “right-wing” than anything. Also, it’s not even really music. He basically just kind of talks and carries on a conversation and there is no beauty or poetry to it. I do like country music (sorry Paul), but I don’t like Toby Keith. I’m more of a Keith Urban guy.

  • Darius

    “Also, it’s not even really music. He basically just kind of talks and carries on a conversation…”

    I hope you’re not implying that Cake isn’t a legitimate musical group.

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