NYT: Is the Surge Working?

Though the report is not entirely positive, here are some encouraging words from an unlikely source—The New York Times. This opinion piece evaluates the success of the U.S. troop surge in Iraq:

The American fatality rate since the surge began is down from previous weeks. The number of civilian fatalities in Baghdad since mid-February has dropped modestly as well.

The young cleric Moktada al-Sadr has told his Mahdi Army to lie low, and coalition forces are encountering only sporadic violence in most of Baghdad’s Sadr City neighborhood as a result. Remarkably, towns like Ramadi in Anbar Province are gradually stabilizing. Intelligence tips are increasing. . .

There is a real glimmer of hope, but no proof of progress, from the surge so far.


  • Don

    If the ny times and washinton post give a ray of hope something has to be going right. If field commanders are given the clear path to get the job done it will be done. If the Iraqi gov. steps up to the plate and shows real leadership there is hope. The surge will produce calm and keep order but the tough part will be from the Iraqi gov. The jury is still out on that one..

  • Don

    Go to Tuesday’s NY Post article by Gordon Cucullu and interview if Gen. Petraeus. Good info you won’t get in the ny slimes or washington compost

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