NBA Finals: Good vs. Evil?

The NBA Finals begin tonight, and some have described it as a contest between good and evil. That formulation is a bit too apocalyptic in my view. Nevertheless, I think David Moore of the Dallas Morning News has it about right:

“Those prone to hyperbole will cast the NBA Finals as a battle for basketball’s soul.

“More is at stake than a determination of the league’s best team. The winner of this series hands down a moral judgment.

“A victory by the Mavericks strikes a blow for the sanctity of team and validates the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

“A more crass view emerges if Miami comes out on top. A Heat win implies that talent trumps chemistry, that titles can be purchased rather than earned.

“This isn’t simply the Mavericks vs. the Heat. It’s traditional values vs. blatant power grab. It’s good vs. evil.”

I know, I know. The Mavs would have taken Lebron if they could have. They are not as high-minded as this story suggests. Nevertheless, it’s a good narrative if you’re a Mavs partisan like I am. That being said, the Mavs were my hometown team for many years, and I’ll be pulling for them in this series. I have a hunch that a lot of other fans around the country will be too. Go Mavs!


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