Jim Tressel Resigns as Coach of Ohio St.

This is big news in the world of college football. Watch the video from ESPN above, or read the Associated Press story here.


  • Ted

    Nothing to worry about for OSU fans as the NCAA has already shown that OSU is in the special class in which the rules don’t apply to them, by letting them postpone suspensions for 5 players in last years bowl game.

    You can bet your house that if that was TCU or Boise they would have suspended the whole team for a decade and put the death penalty on the program.

    This is why all this BCS stuff is corrupt and a sham; it favors the maintaining of the establishment rather than letting football play out on the field.

  • Matt Svoboda

    Ted, you cant really be that uninformed, right? The man resigned BECAUSE the NCAA is about to drop the hammer on OSU. OSU will be hurting for quite some time. It will take a few years to recover.

    It will be worse for OSU than it is for USC.

  • Scott

    Well everything that happened under Tressel’s watch happens on a daily basis in the SEC. You can add up all the benefits OSU players received & it would still fall short of the cash offered for Newton.

  • Ted

    Chill out Matt, as obviously your no more “informed” than I am.

    I will believe it when I see it that the NCAA will be willing to drop the hammer on a cash cow like OSU with the NFL possibly having no season and college football set to make more money than ever this coming season.

    Count me as jaded, but if you think I am so uninformed Matt, tell me why the NCAA was willing to allow OSU players to have suspensions suspended for their bowl game last year. If this is not special treatment than I don’t know what is.

  • Paula

    One more reason to hope the rapture comes soon. OSU football was the only thing we had legitimate bragging rights about here in Ohio. Yes, the Indians are in first place, but I’m not going to get my hopes up until at least September, and even then, I won’t hold my breath.

    I’m not excusing Tressel’s behavior, but as a separate issue, I think these NCAA rules get a little over-the-top. These athletes are not able to have jobs while participating in sports. Even those on scholarship may end up taking out student loans to cover “living expenses” (like fast food and tattoos) while they’re in school.

    On the one hand, these kids are treated like elite athletes – superstars who can do no wrong. On the other hand, they’re expected to attend school full time, keep their grades up, put in 40 hours a week on the field/gym/weight room. All the while, they can earn no money, can’t have a part-time job to pay for gas money or clothes and can’t accept so much as a Happy Meal or a free haircut.

    Kids on full academic scholarships, OTOH, have unlimited earning potential and if he wanted to, could have gifts lavished upon him by the likes of Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, without penalty.

    Meanwhile, schools like Ohio State are making millions in licensing fees off of the names of these student-athletes. Some of these kids will graduate and never play another day of football in their lives. Hopefully they’ll get a degree out of the deal.

    You’re just asking for trouble with a system like that.

  • Kevin Cuthbertson

    Scott, I may be a few days late but with all the respect earned by that comment…..give me a break. I would go out on a limb and say that you have no inside knowledge nor did you ever play in the SEC….I wonder if you even attended an SEC school Thus, all you are saying is something you made up in your own mind or something the guys at BW3’s told you. I don’t recall any news reports of schools offering money to Cam Newton. If we want to bring the SEC into this conversation, let’s go ahead and say that OSU just forfeited that bowl win and are, once again, without a win against the strongest conference in the country.

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