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Mohler Responds to the “Traditional” Baptist Statement

Albert Mohler has responded to a recent statement issued by a group of Southern Baptists about the doctrine of salvation. Mohler’s essay is direct and generous. It takes the drafters’ concerns seriously and answers substantively. It’s a clarion call to unity around the BF&M. In short, it’s statesmanlike, which is exactly what we need right now. He writes,

There is a lot for us to discuss, and plenty of time for that discussion. But that conversation must not immobilize us from standing together to reach the nations, nor lead us into tribalism. I love and respect the men who signed this new statement. I believe that they love and respect me. We have walked arm in arm for too long to abandon each other now. We need each other and, as some outsiders might say, we deserve each other.

The presence of more than one tradition and stream of doctrinal influence has been healthy for Southern Baptists. We have been strengthened by both the Charleston and Sandy Creek traditions, representing Southern Baptists who rightly prize their doctrinal understandings, but eagerly work together in the Gospel service. We should respect the need for churches, institutions, and denominational friends who represent these historic Southern Baptist traditions. We would not be who we are — or who God has called us to be — without each other. May God grant us grace to glorify Christ and edify the church as we talk about matters that mean so much to us. Let’s be thankful for the conversation to which we are now called, and thankful for the brothers and sisters we are privileged to engage in this conversation.

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  • Jason Kates


    It seemed to me that Mohler addressed the Calvinists’ tribalism and elitism, while calling that group, in which he includes himself, to repent of that behavior.

  • Don Johnson

    Yes, I agree, Mohler is seeking to maintain the existing tent.

    P.S. My earlier post was deleted, so your response has lost that context.

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