Mohler and Patterson To Debate Calvinism at 2006 SBC Pastor’s Conference

Al Mohler (left), Paige Patterson (right)

Tom Ascol reports that Al Mohler and Paige Patterson will debate the topic of Calvinism at the 2006 SBC Pastor’s Conference in Greensboro, N.C. this summer. Ascol writes:

I am hopeful about this announced event because Drs. Mohler and Patterson are friends. I fully expect that their exchange–regardless of how formal or informal the format–will provide a model for theological dialogue. Our day has all but lost the art (and Christian responsibility) of disagreeing strongly about important matters without writing your opponent out of the kingdom. This is especially true when the subject is Calvinism and it is equally true of those on both sides of the issue. An example of Christian leaders talking pointedly, pressing biblical arguments determinedly and disagreeing strongly (assuming that this will be the case) can only be a helpful thing for modern Southern Baptists. It will be great to see 2 Southern Baptist seminary presidents leading the way in this kind of effort.

This debate will be good for Southern Baptist messengers to see because it will allow each side to make its best arguments without caricaturing the other side. I say let each one take his stand on the scripture and make his arguments in the most compelling way possible, and let the chips fall where they may.

I am going to make every effort to be at this one. This is going to be really good!

(HT: Justin Taylor)


  • GL

    When I think of Mohler I think, perhaps incorrectly, of a Reformed Baptist of the Baptist-before-Dispensationalism persuasion.

    When I think of Criswell College I think of Criswell which then brings to mind Chafer and dispensationalism. That may also be incorrect.

    Piper and Mohler seem to be of a general cut of cloth, and MacArthur and his brand of Calvinists seems to be of another cut. Yet all Calvinistic about soteriology and credal-baptists.

    Where do you fall amongst these leaders?

  • mikee

    Paige Patterson looks just like my 7th Grade Football coach – Coach Hay — I think they have the same theological beliefs as well….

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