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Mohler’s tumor is not cancerous

You may have read the report last week about the tumor that Dr. Albert Mohler had removed from his colon. Many friends and supports have been praying since then that the pathology report would show the tumor was not malignant. Today the Baptist Press reports that tests show that the tumor is not malignant. Mohler announced the good news in Southern Seminary’s chapel service, and he said the following:

“I am very thankful the pathology report came back yesterday clear. As it turns out, this is a tumor that turns malignant 100 percent of the time, but was found before it had turned. I am now a walking infomercial for all the medical tests. We are living in an age, by God’s providence, in which we have been given incredible opportunities and incredible services by medical technology and medical personnel which can make a huge difference.”

I am so thankful for Dr. Mohler and his leadership at Southern Seminary. This is great news indeed!


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