Is the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus Essential?

The Washington Post and Newsweek magazine have an online forum for religious dialogue called “On Faith.” In this forum, scholars and religious leaders answer questions that are put to them by the editors of the “On Faith” site. Recently, the question up for discussion was this:

“Do you have to believe the resurrection is literally true — that Jesus came back to life in his body — to be a Christian?”

Obviously, the orthodox answer to this question is “yes,” but there were some who answered “no.” Among those who answered “yes” were Albert Mohler, N. T. Wright, Cal Thomas, and Chuck Colson. Among the ones who answered “no” were Kathleen Flake and Deepak Chopra. You can read all of the responses here. Dr. Mohler devoted an entire radio program to the question, and you can hear it below.

“Must One Believe in the Resurrection to be a Christian?” – The Albert Mohler Program



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