• Paul Abella

    As news reporting or even a news interview, this is atrocious. The lawyer admitted the guilt of his client. Ms Kelly’s parsing of language at that point proved that Fox is an opinion network and not a news one.

    • Lynn Burgess

      Paul: Oh Please, what this proves is that Miss Megyn is a very pregnant mamma who has been barely holding it together since this trial began.

      What about the other networks who barely covered the story at all? Quite a bit of bias there, I would say friend.

    • Anna Hildey

      Not all shows on FNC are straight news reporting, nor are they intended to be. Some are and are intended to be of entertainment value, some are intended and marketed to be opinion, while also having a more traditional journalistic nightly news program..this is typical of most cable news and is not unusual. As for Megyn – great job! And both sides were represented giving the viewer the opportunity to hear opposing points. That is -wouldn’t bias here really mean that the attorney would not have even had the chance to come on the show?

      • Lynn Burgess

        Making a deal to avoid the death penalty would seem to speak to Gosnell’s heart not being entirely calloused; he knows the truth.

        So do we know the truth; Saul of Tarsus was guilty of the murder to many before God in His mercy redeemed him for His glory.

  • Paula Bolyard (@pbolyard)

    Wow. Gosnell’s attorney, who is rather despicable in the way he defends Gosnell, now thinks abortion should be illegal after 16 weeks so there is no question of viability. At some point these folks are going to have to start admitting these are babies.

  • stanbritton

    At least we clearly understand where Megyn stands on the debate. Kudos to her for asking some difficult questions.

    @Paul – you indict Megyn for parsing language toward the guilt of Dr. Gosnell; isn’t that exactly what his attorney did in the opposite direction? “He [Gosnell] performed over 16,000 abortions and was ONLY convicted of murdering 2 or 3 of them.”

    You sir, are trying to create a gray space in a matter that is very black and white. If that child was born alive, was taken from the womb alive, deliberately sticking scissors in its’ neck is murder, plain and simple. If I stuck scissors in your neck today, it would be considered murder, no question. Performing that act on a baby who is a few minutes old is no different.

    In the same way, injecting a drug into the womb that KNOWINGLY causes intrauterine fetal demise goes a step further, it’s premeditated murder. Especially considering that these are late-term abortions and these babies could survive outside the womb if given the proper care. Even if these were 20-week old fetuses, there are individual signs of life present. To willingly act upon these babies with the intent of stopping their lives is nothing short of murder. He should have been convicted on 16,000 counts of murder, not just of the murder of the babies born alive.

  • Ian Shaw

    We all know that the viability argument has no legs to stand on. Those that are being intellectually honest, will not use that argument.

  • Ian Shaw

    That’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone use the phrase “inter-uteral-fetal-demise” and I hope it’s the last time I hear it.

  • Lauren Law

    Wow. This lawyer speaks lawyer-ese just about better than any I’ve ever seen. I’m stunned that this man can say the doctor “was a gentleman” after he had to have heard the testimony brought before the court throughout the trial. The testimony was compelling enough to convince this man that “legal” abortions should happen at a younger gestational age…but testimony that still hasn’t convinced him that the doctor acted heinously!!! This man heard person after person testify as to the conditions of the clinic but can sit there and say that he believed his client, the doctor, over all that testimony. So glad he was the doctor’s lawyer and not a jury member if he can ignore all that testimony. On his behalf I will say one thing…if I were guilty of such a heinous grime as cutting the necks of newborn babies to end their lives…I would want someone like this that is determined to believe in me no matter what. But that’s the only thing I can say in his behalf. I think my skin would crawl if I had to shake this man’s hand…because his ability to blind himself to truth is deplorable. Maybe he has to defend the doctor because it’s the only way he can excuse himself for defending that man. Also amazed that he thinks the doctor did a good job because he only murdered 3 out of 16,000 babies. God help America!

  • Bridget Platt

    Yea, but who even believes that he “only” murdered 3 babies anyway? How long was he running this clinic? Like 20 or 30 yrs or something? And we’re supposed to believe he committed this crime exactly 3 times? No person living in reality believes this.

  • Akash Charles

    One things for sure, Megyn Kelly is being groomed for big things at Fox- would not be surprised if she gets a Prime Time slot soon – this is talk is typical of the prime time shows and not the day time shows where Fox focuses on news!

    I find it really funny that those who claim Fox news is an opinion channel in a negative manner- which channel is not?- all the other channels support what this guy did, they did not even cover it

    I for one am glad there is at least one channel to balance the others!!

    Hitler came to power when all of the media was unified!

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