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The Baptist men, they’re going to get it done tomorrow

On an NBC News special Tuesday night, Harry Smith and Brian Williams discussed early relief efforts in Moore, Oklahoma. Having surveyed all the boots on the ground, Harry Smith concluded:

If you’re waiting for the government, you’re going to be in for an awful long wait. The Baptist men, they’re going to get it done tomorrow.

As you can see, our folks do really good work, and you really ought consider a contribution to the Oklahoma Baptist disaster relief. All donations given through NAMB right now are going to Oklahoma disaster relief as well. (HT: Baptist Press)


  • James Harold Thomas

    I’m sure the delay in the government’s response is simply due to insufficient funding. Hey maybe that was part of the sequester. At any rate, if we just throw more money FEMA’s way, they’ll do much better next time.

    • Akash Charles

      lack of funding?!!

      If the country can fund individuals to consume drugs etc

      then it is not a lack of funding but a lack of good governance!

      also it is good that local associations are helping- they do a better job and are more caring than the government anyway

  • Ian Shaw

    Great bit on the disaster relief team. However, I caught something the other day about funding that should have gone to that area regarding severe weather and red tape slowed it up.

    Great witness opportunity by the SBDR as they go in and do whatever is necessary.

  • Becky Gaconnet

    Baptist relief groups from Illinois were in Louisiana after Katrina. They show up, roll up their sleeves, do immense jobs, and ask for nothing in return.

  • Jay Ryder

    I went to New Orleans after Katrina three summers in a row. Everyone we worked to help down there told story after story of how the government (local, state and federal) had failed them. But in the same breathe their grimaces turned to beaming smiles of hope when they would say but the Church of Jesus Christ has kept coming through for us over and over and over, embodying the love of Christ.

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