Mark Driscoll on ABC’s “Nightline”

ABC’s “Nightline” profiled Mark Driscoll’s ministry last night. The video is available here. The text version has been available since last week, and you can read it here.

UPDATE: The ESV Study Bible also makes a cameo. Way to go Crossway!


  • Jim Peet

    I watched Nightline last night.

    It does seem that Mark Driscoll seeks to be “edgy” on purpose (eg his comment about masturbation).

    Also seems that there is an overemphasis on “sex” … just to grab attention. Talking from the pulpit about various sex positions seems to go way beyond Biblical exposition.

    The author of Hebrews said it simply: “The marriage bed is undefiled”. No need to go beyond that.

  • Darius T

    Jim, the ABC story is REALLY skewed. It makes it sound like all Driscoll talks about is sex (and he most certainly doesn’t). That profile does him a disservice (not surprising for ABC, which hasn’t honestly edited a story since 1976).

    If anyone wants to understand Driscoll better (and read one of the best books of last year), read “Death by Love.”

  • Paul

    Personally, I like Driscoll. I can relate to his persona (big surprise there), and he seems to be pretty theologically conservative, which I like.

    Insofar as his talking about sex, I will partially agree with Darius, and say that ABC definitely had an axe to grind here and they did their best to sharpen THAT axe. Which is a shame. I’ve heard some really great Driscoll sermons in my day.

    Finally, Jim, the bit about Ephesians is what most of us would refer to as “a joke.” Please catch up. Thanks.

  • Jamie Steele

    Driscoll preaches verse by verse to a very unchurhced community. He is theologically conservative and stands for truth. I had rather have one Driscoll in my community than 10 Osteens or Hybles.

  • Don Johnson

    I think Driscoll goes out of his way to shock people, so it becomes a form of entertainment. But if people are coming to God that would not otherwise, that aspect is to be praised.

  • Ryan Kearns

    Hey Jim,

    I know from the Nightline report you might think that Mars Hill has an ‘overemphasis” on sex, but those who have listened for years, that is just false.

    Truth is they just happened to be going through through a biblical series on sex this last fall. Before that they did series on prayer, religious misconceptions, Doctrine, the atonement, and Christology.

    I just wanted to make you aware of this so you would not draw your conclusions on Mars Hill just from a short segment on network television.

  • Jeff

    After the interviewer asked Driscoll if his congregation calls him “dude,” I secretly hoped that Driscoll would have stared at him for 8-10 second with a confused look that implies, “Did you just ask that?” FYI – if words like “dude” are not in your common vernacular, it might not be wise to adopt them during a television segment watched by millions.

    I’m thankful that Driscoll showed him grace. I doubly thankful that the interviewer’s attempt to put on his “cool” pants only enhanced Pastor Mark’s credibility.

    Thank you ABC.

  • Will Dudding

    I’ve listened to Mark’s sermons on a semi regular basis, and I don’t think that he over emphasizes sex. This is something taken out of a recent series on the song of solomon and another series called religions saves and 9 other misconceptions…where they did a question and answer session.

    I don’t agree with his philosophy of “doing church” as he does it, but I do rejoice that he teaches biblical doctrine and that all the “freaks and nutjobs” as Mark puts it, are coming to Christ.

  • KK

    What the “outside Seattle” crowd does not realize is that Pastor Mark is preaching in the city limits of one of the most anti-God, anti-Bible cities in the US. It’s easy for others to sit back and criticize (and unfortunately believers are some of the worst), but what they don’t realize is that daily, our church is being slandered, misrepresented and persecuted by our neighbors and the city in which we live! What we need is prayer and love and encouragement to keep preaching the Bible, verse by verse..

    Additionally, Pastor Mark just finished a series on the “Song of Songs” in which many of these clips were taken out of. Our church consists of many young, newly married, have-not-been-Christians too long, so we long to know what God says about love and sex, even though we understand it is taboo in many traditional churches. God has given Pastor Mark a special anointing to preach the Word to us, here in Seattle.

    Also, per a prior comment, Pastor Mark is a really funny guy and loves the “shock effect” – it works well with his audience and gets the point across!

  • Trudat

    volfan007 asked:
    “Does Driscoll still cuss from the pulpit? I heard that he drops some biggies every now and then? Is this true?”

    I’ve been attendging MH for 5 years and have never heard a cuss word.

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