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Life’s Biggest Questions

I was happy to receive Erik Thoennes’ new book Life’s Biggest Questions: What the Bible Says about the Things That Matter Most. The title pretty much gives the book away. It’s a primer in basic Christianity. It’s designed to give the broad outlines of the Christian worldview. At 176 pages, the book is not laden with impenetrable theological jargon but is written in a style that is accessible to just about any reader. J.P. Moreland describes the book this way:

It is refreshing to see a book that addresses our deepest concerns from a distinctively theological perspective. Professor Thoennes is a master communicator, and Life’s Biggest Questions is marked by an accessible, interesting style. The book is filled with content and distinctively characterized by repeated examples of practical application. It is a fun read and would make an excellent text for a course in theology or Christian worldview.

Each chapter title is a question, and Thoennes answers each of them through the course of the book:

1. What are life’s biggest questions?
2. Does God exist?
3. What does it mean to know and love God?
4. How does God reveal Himself?
5. How well can you know God?
6. What is God like?
7. How do you explain the Trinity?
8. Who is Jesus Christ?
9. Who is the Holy Spirit?
10. What did Jesus Christ accomplish?
11. What is a human being?
12. How does God relate to His creation?
13. What is sin?
14. How does God save sinners?
15. What is the church?
16. How will it all end?

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