Kansas vs. Memphis: Did you pick it?

The big game is tonight, and I have to say that I think this may be the best I’ve ever done in filling out an NCAA Tournament bracket. I picked 9 of the “Sweet Sixteen,” 6 of the “Elite Eight,” 4 of the “Final Four,” and both of the teams in the championship game. Going into tonight’s game, I have 130 points for the picks I’ve made. If Kansas wins, I will finish with 162 points (scoring details).

If you have bracket stats to share (especially if you have bested my picks), then post up your bracket score in the comments section. I want to see it. If you are doing as well or better than me, I’ll post a link to your bracket in this post.

Scoreboard for Tonight’s Game


[UPDATE!] I’ve gotten one taker, Shea Sumlin, and he has 4 more points than me. But if Kansas wins tonight, I’ll take home bragging rights!

134 pts – Shea Sumlin

130 pts – Denny Burk


[UPDATE 2!] What a game, and what a hearbreaker for Shea!

162 pts – Denny Burk

134 pts – Shea Sumlin


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