John Piper’s Senior Sermon at Fuller Seminary has just posted John Piper’s senior sermon from Fuller Seminary. The date is May 5, 1971 when Piper was 25 years old. He preached for nearly 19 minutes on Ephesians 1:6. What is remarkable about this sermon is its consistency with what Piper preaches now. It’s all about the glory of God. You can listen below or download here.



  • Dan Phillips

    That is interesting. My senior sermon at Talbot Theological Seminary was on Ephesians 1:1-14. It was assigned, but I couldn’t have been happier with the choice.

    I think someone taped it, but I very much doubt it’s been preserved for posterity.

    The dean didn’t like it. I’m told his entire assessment was: “Too theological.”

  • Adam Winters

    That was a very memorable way to refer to Judas.

    Really neat to be able to hear this; most people probably wouldn’t be able to tell a very noticeable difference between the preaching style of Piper today and Piper at 25. Encouraging stuff!

  • David Gough

    More than 40 years later and still faithful to the Word! His passion for God’s grace has only increased and intensified. Had the quality of recording been a little less “tinny,” one might think this a more recent message from Bethlehem. Did he call Judas what I think he did?!

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