Is opposing gay marriage like joining the Ku Klux Klan?

When Ben Carson was disinvited from offering the commencement address at Johns Hopkins University last Spring, Michael Kinsley used the occasion to describe our current cultural moment. He writes:

But Carson didn’t murder millions of people. All he did was say on television that he opposes same-sex marriage—an idea that even its biggest current supporters had never even heard of a couple of decades ago. Does that automatically make you a homophobe and cast you into the outer darkness? It shouldn’t. But in some American subcultures—Hollywood, academia, Democratic politics—it apparently does. You may favor raising taxes on the rich, increasing support for the poor, nurturing the planet, and repealing Section 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act, but if you don’t support gay marriage, you’re out of the club…

The day will come, probably next Tuesday at the rate things are going, when previous opposition to the idea of same-sex marriage will seem bizarre and require explaining, like membership in the Ku Klux Klan in the youths of some old Southerners—are there any left?—on Capitol Hill. 

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  • Ian Shaw

    Considering where Dr. Carson came from, what he had to overcome (Detroit…enough said), his experience and his faith can be a profound positive influence on those struggling (especially those in the D-as I am from Michigan). Yet, with those of us that know his story (including the MSM) and how his faith and family (single mother) shaped him, this shouldn’t be a surprise. But hey, let’s take a great role-model for the African-American community and try to remove him from any relevance, because of his view on something. Let’s change our view on this person, regardless of all the good they do for their community, country, world, etc., and cut his influence off at his legs because of his views on 1 subject. Just like Justice Scalia said, anyone opposing homosexual marriage cannot have a rational justification, but will become an enemy of the human race.

    What if a private institution, had President Obama as a speaker for commencement, but as he changed his views on a subject, they rescinded the invitation? That would be plastered all over the news and that institution would be the subject of ridicule for weeks/months on end.

  • Lynn Burgess

    I thought Dr. Ben Carson was the best thing since sliced bread, but I am very sad if this is true, “He supports civil unions that would include all or almost all of the legal rights of marriage.”

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