Interview with Apologia Radio about “Transforming Homosexuality”

I had the privilege of talking to the Lady, the Bear, and the Ninja about my new book that I wrote with Heath Lambert, Transforming Homosexuality: What the Bible Teaches about Sexual Orientation and Change. These three are the main personalities at Apologia Radio, and it was a stimulating conversation. Also, these guys are real characters and run a great show. You can watch the video here.

2 Responses to Interview with Apologia Radio about “Transforming Homosexuality”

  1. Curt Day October 31, 2015 at 12:10 am #

    I fully agree with Denny on these points:

    1. The issue is holiness. It is an issue that both heterosexuals and homosexuals must strive for.

    2. Included in that same-sex orientation is wrong

    3. That the Gospel, not reparative therapy, is what we should all rely on

    I disagreed with the interviewers’ interpretation of Obama as saying that we must view same-sex orientation as being holy. What we must do is to recognize the equality in society of those who have and/or embrace same-sex orientation. But saying that does not imply that we think it is holy.

    • Lynn Burgess November 7, 2015 at 9:59 pm #

      Curt: What do you mean by “equality in society?” If you mean that someone’s private sin should not disqualify them from work as a carpenter, printer, store clerk, etc. (when it does not directly impact the work) then I agree. If you mean that society must recognize same sex marriage then I vehemently disagree. Although the U.S. of A. is not a theocracy we still answer to God as a nation for our morality and also as individuals who have the right and responsibility to vote.

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