Huckabee Is Growing on Me

I haven’t decided to add my (truly meager) endorsement to any of the Presidential candidates yet. But I have to admit that Huckabee is growing on me. In today’s Washington Post, Michael Gerson takes a swipe at Pat Robertson’s cynical endorsement of Rudy Giuliani and has this to say about Huckabee:

“Robertson’s endorsement of a pro-choice presidential candidate is a transparent attempt to remain on the Republican train, even as it chugs away from the priorities of the religious right. . . Huckabee has the strongest general election message of any Republican. Perhaps it is time for religious conservatives to suspend cynical calculation and bank-shot endorsement ploys and reexamine another man from Hope.”

Gerson goes on to say that Huckabee’s most compelling response to an interview question was this:

“There isn’t a social pathology that I wouldn’t be able to put a face to. I’ve talked with a pregnant 14-year-old who hasn’t been able to tell her parents, with a 17-year-old high school student who believes he is gay and doesn’t know how to break the news, with parents who have a son on life support after a motorcycle accident. . . . It makes me a different kind of public official, not as rigid, not blind to problems.”

Gerson responds: “And that is not a bad thing — in a Republican, in a candidate or in a president.”


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