How does gay marriage affect you?

Gay marriage advocates often argue that same-sex marriage won’t hurt heterosexual marriage. The argument seems to be that we can all have our own private definitions of marriage without it materially affecting one another. This is not true. There will be a legal definition of marriage, and it won’t be private. The definition of marriage will have public implications that we will all have to deal with. Case in point:

Michael Foust reports about what happened to one family in Massachusetts after that state legalized gay marriage in 2006. The story appears in an ad showing in Maryland (see above), which is voting on gay marriage next month. Foust writes:

“After Massachusetts redefined marriage, local schools taught it to children in second grade, including the school our son attended,” David Parker says to the camera. “Courts ruled parents have no right to take their children out of class — or to even be informed when this instruction was going to take place.”…

The Parkers’ story is true. In 2006, two years after gay marriage became legal in Massachusetts, the teacher in their son’s second-grade class read the students “King & King” — a story about a prince who searches for a wife, only to choose another prince as his husband. The Parkers and another couple filed a lawsuit in federal court against the school, but a lower court ruled against them, asserting that “diversity is a hallmark of our nation” and that such diversity “includes differences in sexual orientation.” An appeals court upheld the decision.

Whatever is legalized will be normalized. And yes, that means that if gay marriage passes, it will be reflected in the way that public schools address the issue. The schools won’t be neutral. They will simply present gay marriage as just one of the many diverse expressions of marriage, and we must celebrate diversity.


  • Daniel Haas

    Or the other way around: Since gay relationships have been normal forever they now are finally legalized. Yes, there are consequences to that. And there are also consequences to keeping gay marriage illegal.

    • Glenn E. Chatfield

      “Gay” relationships have NEVER been “normal” and never will be. Giving them government sanction will not make them normal. “Gay marriage” is an oxymoron. Marriage has a definition which doesn’t include same-sex unions. No one ever made same-sex fake marriage “illegal” – that’s like saying a square circle is illegal. What the activist judges are doing is redefining what marriage is so as to include any union of any people – or union of people and animals for that matter.

  • dr. james willingham

    Massachusetts in excluding the parents from their rights over their children and putting the state in their place has violated their rights under the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Such a violation is treason and subject to a fine and/or imprisonment. Why doesn’t some of our so-called and so-fine legal firms that stand for those rights take the case and move against the state in a Federal Superior Court?

  • kevin doerksen

    Homosexuality has indeed been around since the fall of man. But it has also been a hallmark of the sin that inhabits mankind. To “celebrate” sin is something thst grieves God’s heart, and it should grieve ours as well.

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