Hillary Clinton comes out in favor of gay marriage

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released a video today announcing her support for gay marriage. You can watch it above. She says that gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights.

Why the flurry of announcements from politicos concerning gay marriage? It has everything to do with the Supreme Court’s deliberations about gay marriage. The Court will hear oral arguments this month and will render a decision this June. Gay activist groups are doing a full-court press to get as many supporters on record as possible. The hope seems to be that the court will be swayed by these ringing endorsements. We will know whether their efforts have worked soon enough.


  • Ken Temple

    She talked about “LGBT” but didn’t include the “B” in marriage – the B stands for Bi-sexual – the next step maybe even before polygamy, will be the call to allow Bisexuals to marry 2 individuals – one from opposite sex and the other from same sex. Brazil already started that(that Denny linked to earlier); there does not seem to be any way to stop these abominations.

    I have been amazed since the 80s at much political and financial power the Gay Agenda has – how did they do this? I remember when AT &T gave a lot of power to this whole thing in the 80’s – I guess they were forced by financial pressure to offer insurance benefits to domestic partnerships.

    But before then, it seems to go back to the Psychological Medical organizations de-classifying these things as mental and/or emotional illness.

    And then, when they started allowing homosexuals to adopt children. That was a big mistake. and it is by nature child abuse.

    Along with Hollywood pushing the agenda and showing more and more homosexual TV characters, etc.

    It seems a lot more than 2.5 or 3.5 % of people, by the way it is constantly shoved in our faces every day everywhere.

    Rahm Immanuel and the other mayors who blasted Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A did not treat the opposition as “people of good will”. Whenever there is a debate on this issue in the media, the left resorts to calling us names and throwing the racism and homophobia charge at us. I almost have never seen a fair debate toward the Christian side of the debate when the media talks about this.

  • Brett Cody

    Thank God that we have the privilege of hearing Hillary’s stance on this issue–after all she is an authority on the issue.

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