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Scholars Speak against Farcical “Jesus Tomb”

Below are items that might be helpful as you evaluate the titanically tendentious claims of “The Jesus Tomb.” The list is divided between Biblical scholars who have weighed in and popular commentaries available in various media outlets. This latest update includes two MP3’s: (1) interviews with Ben Witherington and Darrell Bock, and (2) Al Mohler’s most recent radio broadcast on the subject.

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  • Derek

    It’s good money whether it is true or not, and again all you are left with at the end of the day are name statistics.

    Cameron’s name it seems is just being used for publicity purposes. The tomb has been discovered and worked on since the 80’s. Cameron has an Executive Producer credit, but my bet is that he was given this credit for publicity purposes, he may have put some money in it, but regardless he’s PR front and center.

    We forget a lot of times that TV is mostly a mixture of reality mixed with fantasy. People mostly consume motion image media for escape, and no one can reasonably argue that this isn’t entertaining.

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