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Gay Student Suicide

Albert Mohler’s commentary on the gay Rutgers student who took his own life is worth your attention. In short, Christian churces have a special obligation to be a safe place for people like this student. Download here or listen below.



  • Donald Johnson

    I agree with Mohler except for the “sin of homosexuality”. At the most, a person who ACTS in such ways is in sin, so I would have preferred him say the “sin of homosexual acts”.

    That is, I would HOPE that ANY church would fully accept someone with a homosexual orientation but who remains celibate.

  • Andrew Cowan

    Along with the resources Dr. Burk has listed, there is also a new book out: Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill (a self-described celibate gay Christian). Obviously, it doesn’t treat the recent suicide, but the reviews suggest that it is a very helpful book on the peculiar problems of being a gay Christian who affirms the biblical teaching on human sexuality. I haven’t read the book yet, but I was Wesley’s roommate for a year. Having thus observed the character of his life and his extraordinary maturity and thoughtfulness, there is no one whom I would trust to be a more honest and reliable guide to understanding the needs and hopes of Christians who struggle with homosexuality. See the details at

  • Tim Webb

    Dr. Burk,

    Seriously, do you think a person who is leaning towards acting out same-sex impulses is going to thin of a church that preaches the biblical truth about God’s condemnation of homosexuality is a “safe place”?

    I don’t mean that in an argumentative way, I mean it honestly.

    It reminds me of the intro to one of Philip Yancey’s books, where a prostitute who would rent out her child what dumbfounded that “the church” would be the place to go… that was the LAST place she’d go.

    This student’s suicide was a tragedy.

    Also, don’t know that you should call him “gay”, as if he was a member of the gay subculture (yet).

    Thanks, Tim

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