Editorial Critiques Obama’s Stem Cell Policy

The editors at the Washington Post are holding President Obama’s feet to fire concerning his broad support for embryonic stem cell research. They say that Obama cannot rely on scientists for answers to moral questions:

“This is in large part an ethical question. Mr. Obama is right to turn to scientists for advice on the matter, but he should not hide behind them in making the ultimate decision.”

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  • Matthew Staton

    In the clip of Obama’s speech that I heard, he seemed to be saying that people of all faiths and backgrounds had come to a consensus on this issue. I felt the implication was that if you fell outside the broad consensus, you were so marginal that you can’t seriously expect your opinion to count. It seemed like double-speak to me, that he appears to be finding a course that is broadly acceptable, even to those who would be expected to have ethical concerns. Yet, those who raise ethical concerns will be marginalized. And at the same time, he is presenting the bill to those who agree with it as though he has freed science to speak for itself.

    I am struggling to put this into words – it just seems like he took a polarizing issue, sided with one side, pretended to have found a broadly acceptable plan, and yet marginalized everyone who disagrees.

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