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Dawn Eden and the Thrill of the Chaste

Dawn Eden has a new book out titled, The Thrill of the Chaste:
Finding Fulfillment While Keeping Your Clothes On
. She’s written a great little article for the Sunday Times of London that gives a glimpse into what her book is all about. The article is titled “Casual sex is a con: women just aren’t like men.” In it she writes,

“Count me among the dissatisfied daughters of the sexual revolution, a new counterculture of women who are realising that casual sex is a con and are choosing to remain chaste instead. I am 37, and like millions of other girls, was born into a world which encouraged young women to explore their sexuality. It was almost presented to us as a feminist act.”

In the rest of the article, Eden narrates her journey from sexual libertinism to Christianity. It’s a great story of redemption, and I recommend it to you.


  • Jen Strange

    But does this book have anything on Lauren F. Winner’s Real Sex: The Naked Truth About Chastity? It would be hard to do, because oh my goodness, that book is phenomenal–brilliant, and beautifully written too. I’ll give Eden’s book a read because I’m convinced that the subject of sexuality is one Christians must understand well to live well in this world, but this book will have to do a lot of work to even begin to match Real Sex. . . .

    By the way, this seems a little ironic. Both of these women grew up Jewish (Eden grew up in a Reformed Jewish household, Winner grew up plain-old Jewish but converted to Orthodox Judaism in college) and later converted to Christianity. Both write openly about their sexual exploits, and both aim to communicate biblical truth about chastity to twenty-first century Christians.

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