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ER on the Bankruptcy of Postmodern Spirituality

The dramatization below puts some flesh and blood on what for many is an esoteric theological point—the question of atonement. Yet in the real world, there is real evil, real guilt, and a real need for reconciliation with the God with Whom we have to do. Postmodern, therapeutic platitudes have nothing to offer in the face of those realities. But the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified and raised for sinners does. Continue Reading →


Rick Warren on the “Colbert Report”

Pastor Rick Warren appeared on Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report” last night (see video below). I have to say that the show is not the best forum for discussing things eternal. The show is too light, and the gospel is too heavy to sustain any meaningful interaction about the things of God. Nevertheless, Warren made a go at it. Continue Reading →


Lake of Fire

I’ve been reading some of the reviews and reactions from the media to the new abortion documentary “Lake of Fire.” The film is directed by Tony Kaye, and it alleges to present an unbiased look at abortion in America. If you are interested in seeing a trailer of the movie, you can view one here: Trailer of “Lake of Fire”. I must warn you, however, that the trailer itself should probably be rated PG-13 or R.

Manohla Dargis’ review of the film in the New York Times reveals the typical moral confusion that most people have when it comes to their thinking about abortion. Actually, “moral confusion” is probably too generous. What the review actually reveals is not so much “moral confusion” but “moral suppression.” Continue Reading →


Answering Brad Pitt’s Objections to Religion

In a recent interview with Parade
magazine, Brad Pitt explains why he no longer embraces Christianity. It turns out that he was raised as a Southern Baptist, but when he got to college he came upon some stumbling blocks that led him to cast aside his faith altogether. He describes his current feelings on “religion” in this way:

“Guilt is the thing I find most evil about it. It’s the thing I rail against the most. . . Religion works. I know there’s comfort there, a crash pad. It’s something to explain the world and tell you there is something bigger than you, and it is going to be alright in the end. It works because it’s comforting. I grew up believing in it, and it worked for me in whatever my little personal high school crisis was, but it didn’t last for me. I didn’t understand this idea of a God who says, ‘You have to acknowledge me. You have to say that I’m the best, and then I’ll give you eternal happiness. If you won’t, then you don’t get it!’ It seemed to be about ego. I can’t see God operating from ego, so it made no sense to me.” Continue Reading →


The War: A Must See Documentary

One of my readers sent me a note that I think is worth passing along to you. Beginning this Sunday evening, PBS will begin the first part of a 14 hour documentary on World War II. The title of the program is “The War,” and it looks like it will be one to watch. Tom Hanks, Samuel Jackson, Josh Lucas, and Bobby Cannavale are the narrators, and Ken Burns is the director. Here’s the description from the website:

“THE WAR . . . tells the story of the Second World War through the personal accounts of a handful of men and women from four quintessentially American towns. The series explores the most intimate human dimensions of the greatest cataclysm in history — a worldwide catastrophe that touched the lives of every family on every street in every town in America — and demonstrates that in extraordinary times, there are no ordinary lives.”

There’s a 26 minute preview on the website that is fascinating in itself. You can view it here.


The Wonder Years: Nostalgic about Nostalgia

I’m a sucker for nostalgia. That’s why I got so hooked on the television show “The Wonder Years” back in the late ’80’s. It was a collage of laughter and bittersweet Americana. The characters were familiar and so were their stories. I loved it.

The show ran for six years, but as the main character Kevin Arnold began to grow up, I eventually lost interest. When I noticed this summer that reruns of “The Wonders Years” had been showing on channel 26 here in Dallas, I wondered how the story had ended. In particular, I wondered how the central piece of the plot was resolved. Did Kevin and Winnie ever get together—for good?

That’s when I discovered that A&E did an episode of Biography covering the life of the series. To hear the whole story of “The Wonder Years” from beginning to end, you have to watch this one. The whole thing is on YouTube, and I link it here for my fellow suckers for nostalgia. What could be more nostalgic than being nostalgic about nostalgia?

A&E’s Biography of “The Wonder Years” (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3), (Part 4), (Part 5)

Continue Reading →


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