Herman Cain says he is “reassessing” his candidacy

Robert Costa reports at NRO that Herman Cain told his senior staff today that he is “reassessing” his candidacy. Cain says he will make a decision over the next several days whether or not to stay in.

I think it is all but certain that Cain will have to pull out of the race. All the smoke suggests to most people that there is fire somewhere, and he is losing key support. I have already said in this space that I don’t think he’s qualified to be president, affairs or no affairs. So I will be glad when he leaves the race.

Having said that, this is all very sad. It is not just Cain that must walk the difficult road of public scrutiny, but also his family. He is either the most maligned man in recent history or the most guilty. Either way, I can’t imagine what his family must be going through.


  • Paul

    Now will you folks start looking at Huntsman? I swear, I will vote republican in 2012 if you actually pick a sane candidate (Huntsman’s your only choice in that regard…)

    • Derek

      We’ll vote for Huntsman when your party stops blackballing and destroying candidates who oppose genocide/abortion and the abortion mills of America, i.e. Planned Parenthood. Deal?

  • Paul

    The Republicans are doing this to themselves. There were no Democrats making Perry talk like a moron. No Democrat made Newt Gingrich cheat on his wife. No Democrat made Romney flip flop on practically every single issue. No Democrat made Sarah Palin complain that “how’s the weather?” is a gotcha question. No Democrat told Michelle Bachmann talk about how we’re going to have $2 gas again. No Democrat made Ron Paul crazy enough to want to put us back on the gold standard and no democrat made John Huntsman seem completely reasonable compared to everyone else I’ve mentioned.

    Planned Parenthood’s major activities at most of their centers are providing mammograms, pap smears and birth control. Quit getting your facts from John Kyl.

    Do you even realize how insane your comment reads?

    • Derek

      Anybody other than Paul believe that Planned Parenthood exists to mainly provide mammograms, pap smears and birth control?

      I think I hear crickets chirping.

      By the way, Planned Parenthood’s propaganda constantly claims that they perform mammograms, a highly dubious claim that was investigated by someone who decided to call 30 clinics across the country and count ’em, ZERO of the clinics were able to provide a mammogram. Many of them weren’t even able to do routine “women’s health” procedures like a cancer screen.

      But thanks for helping to spread the Planned Parenthood talking points anyway, Paul. I’m sure your check’s in the mail.

  • Nate

    If Cain withdraws and then his accusers go back underground (which I bet they will), then yes Denny, he will be the most maligned man since Clarence Thomas. And, in today’s media induced lynchings, even Clarence Thomas wouldn’t have survived his nomination.

    And the question was never if Herman Cain was qualified Denny, it was if he was electable, unless you have proof that Cain isn’t a natural born citizen, that he is under the age of 35, or hasn’t lived in the US the last fourteen years.

    • Derek

      Glad you asked, Paul.

      Hope everyone gets to watch the video. If it weren’t so sad, it would be LOL hilarious that PP’s director emphasizes mammograms to the extent that Joy Behar’s audience is being led to believe that this is their most important “health care” initiative/endeavor.

      The most chilling part of the interview is where the woman says “…we don’t provide the health side of it, we are mainly a surgical facility”.

      I guess “surgical facility” is a euphemism for “abortion mill”.

      Make sure you watch the video to the end, where one of the women at the clinics blows PP’s entire cover story with her blunt honesty, telling the caller that she is barking up the wrong tree if she’s looking for mammograms at ANY PP facility, not just her particular one.

  • Paul

    Two quotes pulled directly from an interview with Sean Hannity (is there a more friendly, softball interview for conservatives to be found?)…

    “I don’t want to play detective right now.”
    “I am trying to RE-establi­sh my character.­”

    Anybody want to try to tell me he’s not guilty at this point? At least just be honest about it and let the chips fall where they may at this point.

  • Derek

    Even before he said anything to Hannity, it was clear that he is guilty because his denials of the affair were oddly worded in order to be technically accurate on some level. Very Clintonesque. I hope he comes clean with his family and God. He’s discredited himself as a leader and potential presidential candidate.

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