Bush To Be Impeached?

An editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal claims that the Democrats intend to impeach President Bush if they win congressional majorities in the elections this Fall. Their intention to do so was amplified by Senator Russ Feingold’s attempt this week to have President Bush censured:

In fact, our guess is that censure would be the least of it. The real debate in Democratic circles would be whether to pass articles of impeachment. Whether such an inevitable attempt succeeds would depend on Mr. Bush’s approval rating, and especially on whether Democrats could use their subpoena power as committee chairs to conjure up something they could flog to a receptive media as an “impeachable” offense. But everyone should understand that censure and impeachment are important–and so far the only–parts of the left’s agenda for the next Congress (source).

The cynicism of the Democrats never ceases to amaze me. President Bush has done nothing even approaching illegal, yet all these Democrats believe he’s worthy of impeachment. And this is not a fringe view. Russ Feingold represents a swing state and will be running for the Democrat nomination for President. How could such an idea be making its way into the mainstream of the Democrat Party?

I do hope that impeachment becomes a part of the debate leading up to November’s elections. The American people need to know what the Democrats plan to do with their majorities should they win. That revelation would likely keep them out of the majority, and that would be a good thing.


  • D. Taylor Benton

    Hey Denny,

    I just wanted to let you know that i was listening to Hugh Hewitt on talk radio and he had a session with Mr. Bill Frist and they spoke about how they are throwing impeachment around like it is some common term.
    Frist said he called the Senate Democrats to the carpet. He said (my paraphrase) “If y’all want to impeach, lets take it to a vote right now(last night)” he then stated that they baulked at the notion…He then proposed that they vote on it today at 5pm…..Silence….ITS ALL RHETORIC…they know they don’t have anything but they think if they say it enough it might sound normal…rediculous

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