• Greg Smith

    I saw this last night. Great stuff. Costas is my all-time favorite sportscaster. He is bright, articulate, animated. He has tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge in sports. He is a great analyst and commentator and he pulls no punches. He has all the skills a guy in his role needs. Which, I suppose, is why he is in that role. These are excellent observations about the current Tebow phenomenon.

    I have to say that I have spent much of my life hating the Broncos. It had to do with Elway’s attitude when he first came into the league. Wouldn’t play for the Colts and all that. Like every Packer fan, I hate the Cowboys. But I found myself rooting for them when they played the Broncos. In a single season, I have learned to like the Broncos and it is because of Tebow. Just inspiring.

  • donsands

    Costas is superb in his work, and art really. I wish we can have more Costas’ and less Dick Vitales, and John Grudens, and a few others.

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