Another One Drinks the Kool-Aid

For those of you just tuning-in, today is “Tim Tebow day” here at We’ve come across yet another conversion story that we thought you would like to see.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has been a relentless critic of Tim Tebow and has resisted all the evidence to the contrary until now. After Tim Tebow went to 7-1 yesterday, Smith has finally changed his tune. Smith compared his former unbelief to Pharoah, and he says that he has now been humbled. I guess that means that yesterday’s game was like the tenth plague. This is a remarkable conversation. Watch above.


  • Matt Svoboda

    “All he does is win.” What was said about Vince Young not that long ago.

    I wonder what will become of Tebow.

    I think he will have a perfectly decent “Chad Pennington” type of career. Suitable starter, for the most part, and with a weak enough schedule and good enough defense he will be able to make the playoffs (like this year).

  • RD

    Tim has certainly provided for some exciting football this year!

    However, I’m concerned, somewhat, about the message all of this might be sending. It seems that we are getting behind a message that implies that the only way God is validated as authentic in our culture is when God is performing some type of miracle for the world to see (that includes last minute/OT wins in football games). What if Tim had come in as the starter and lost the last 5 games?

    Overtly linking our Christian faith to job performance can be tricky, sometimes misleading and, often, discouraging. Two Christian farmers, for example, might have two different needs with regard to their crops. One might need rain desperately. The other might have had so much rain that his crops are in danger of failing. Both pray their prayer of need. If it rains steady for three days, is the Christian witness of the man whose crops get ruined because they are now water-logged negated? Is God’s reality understood only in the experience of the farmer who needed rain?

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