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Ann Coulter Needs To Repent (part 2)

I wrote last June against Ann Coulter’s sharp tongue when she said concerning some 9-11 widows, “I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much” (“Ann Coulter Needs To Repent” [part 1]).

After she called John Edwards a “faggot” last weekend, I thought I would write again today to say that it is important for Christians to disassociate themselves from vile rhetoric such as hers. I cannot, however, say it any better that Dr. Albert Mohler has done, so I refer you to his blog post, “Recovering Civility . . . and Refusing to Deny the Obvious.” Mohler writes:

Ann Coulter has turned herself into the evil queen of mean. She has lowered herself to embarrassing theatrics and crude humor. More seriously, she clearly does not mean all insults as a joke. . .

Conservative institutions cannot afford any association with this kind of language or attack. The issues are far too serious to be treated in this manner, and the very convictions Ann Coulter often defends are now sullied by association with her. . .

How can homosexuals think anything but the worst of a movement that would laugh at the use of this slur? How can we think any better of ourselves if we stand by and let it happen?

Amen to that.


  • Paul

    From Mohler’s Blog…

    “So . . . why would Ann Coulter use that word? And, even more troubling to me, why would any in her audience laugh? There is nothing remotely funny about that word in any context. It is meant to hurt when boys use it in the locker room, and it was meant to hurt when Ann Coulter used it when speaking to a conservative audience. It demeans homosexuals and should be banned from any acceptable discourse.”

    I’m shocked that Mohler’s shocked that people laughed. You can’t bait people into hating gay people, and then turn around and expect them not to laugh at the mention of gay slurs.

    The people that would go see Coulter speak are the very people I would expect to revel in such “non-P.C.” talk.

    Yes, Coulter should repent. But so should the people that gave her that pulpit in the first place. Every time you buy one of her books, you’re helping to empower her to say such things to ever increasing crowds. And you’re empowering those crowds to cheer when she says that 9/11 widows are happy or that John Edwards is a faggot.

    Good Job, folks.

    And I still swear that Ann Coulter is a man anyway.

  • Mark

    Good grief Paul. You actually seemed like you had a worthy response …. then comes your last sentence. You really raised the bar, didn’t ya?

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