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American Liberalism Is Defined as Defense of Abortion

American liberals have abortion as their sacrament and Planned Parenthood as their temple. It is the holy ground upon which liberals will tolerate no one to tread. They seek not only to defend abortion rights but to promote abortion. If you doubt that this is true, just look at the two big stories about abortion that have been in the news that last two weeks: (1) President Obama’s decision to force religious groups to pay for abortions, and (2) Planned Parenthood’s bullying of the Komen foundation.

George Will appeared on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” and Will nailed it on both the Komen decision and the Obama order. The video is above, and the transcript is below. The last sentence of the first paragraph says it all:

This is not about women’s health. This is about providing 300,000 abortions a year. Planned Parenthood cleverly cast this saying, ‘We are in the mammogram business.’ They’re not in the mammogram business — they are in the referral of mammograms. This showed two extraordinary things, George. First, the American left cares about ending wars and they care about poverty and they care about the environment, but they really care about — when they’re not perfunctory — is when you touch abortions. And historians will marvel that American liberalism in the first part of the 21st century is defined as defense of abortion.

Second, all these people describing themselves as pro-choice said it is illegitimate to choose not to be involved in abortion. And a much more important decision politically that was taken this week was the Obama administration saying that Catholic institutions have no choice — and this was applauded by pro-choice people — have no choice but to provide contraception, abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization.


  • Paul

    If that’s the case, do realize how many economic and defense conservatives are actually liberals then? This is election year rhetoric and nothing more. I genuinely thought Will was above this tripe.

  • Don Johnson

    My take is that the historical liberal movement was hijacked by special interest groups in general and by the abortionists in particular. And then they suppressed dissent to arrive at what we see today.

  • Paul

    well, let’s face facts Don, both sides are horrifying mish-mashes at this point.

    William Jennings Bryant would probably have a heart attack if he saw the modern day Republican Party (where his church would want him to belong).

    Likewise, he’d have another heart attack when he saw where the modern day Democratic Party (where most of his policy ideas would STILL resonate) had gone.

    The problem with big tent politics is that it completely nullifies a Ron Paul or Barry Goldwater (who are both the logical endpoint of conservative thought, but both poo-poo’d by conservatives) on the one end, and it likewise takes a Mike Huckabee and makes him completely change his message in order to be listened to by the establishment (face it, he was Bill Clinton if Bill Clinton got religion. And that’s a GREAT thing).

    Because of these big tent policies, about as good a president as we’ll ever have again will be a pragmatist with no clear ideas. Because certainly, the best and bright us among us would be wasted as president of these United States of America.

  • Don Johnson

    The political parties are all about power, no quibbles there. And in terms of power, one can follow the money to discover the powers that exist, both in the parties and in the economy.

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